Shining Monkey vs. Appleguard

  1. Ok, I've seen people rave about BOTH products. But which one is better? What are the pros and cons of the two? Is Shining Monkey a protectant vs. Appleguard a conditioner?
  2. GReat thread wicked! I would like to know as well. What's best for LV's and what's better for Chanel caviar and the cambon?
  3. Shining Monkey protects the bag and makes it waterproof. I've never used Appleguard yet but I read that if you use Magic Eraser on the handles to clean it up, you will need to condition it after that as it makes the vachetta dry so Appleguard would be what to use.

    There are several ladies here that have used both. I'm looking forward to what they have to say about it.
  4. I have used both. Both are water repellant spray. Apple have other products to condition and clean leather. The AppleGarde is used for waterproofing. I think Shining Monkey was intended to be used on cars (their other products are car care ones) but it also works on other leather and canvas goods such as handbags. I personally prefer Shining Monkey for waterproofing because it dries faster and, for me, works better as well. But I also use the Apple Leather Conditioner in cleaning and moisturizing leathers.
  5. When I bought my Apple Leather Care (conditioner), I asked about Apple Garde (spray) and according to the SA, Apple Garde should only be used on brand new leather. He said that otherwise it will seal in all the dirt on the leather.

    I used Magic Eraser on the dirty handles (dark patina ~15 years) of my speedy and it worked ok but also left the leather really dry looking. I applied the Apple Leather Care and was very happy with the result. It brought the shine back to the leather and even managed to take some more dirt off without adding more color to the handles. I have also used the Apple Leather Care on my Epi stuff and it seems to work well.

    Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks for the info! Both are water repellants but Shining Monkey dries quicker I guess. I heard that AppleGuard is a bit greasier but that may be becuase it takes more time to dry so the spray didn't dry up yet. Thanks!
  7. Does one work better than another on particular kinds of leather?
  8. Shining Monkey hands down. Love the stuff. So far my vachetta has stayed waterdrop free!

    Although I do not have an older bag to use the Appleguard on. I've heard their conditioner is great for older bags, I bought it for when mine do age.
  9. Another question to add:

    What works best for Marc Jacobs' calf leather bags? You know, the regular leather he uses for his classic bags such as the multi-pockets and stellas?

  10. Adding to that thought-has anyone used either product on a stam?
  11. I used Shining Monkey on nylon, leather and suede bags with no problems at all. I don't own any MJ bags so I can't comment on that.
  12. I have a can of Shining Monkey and I love it. I haven't tried Appleguard yet.
  13. I use Appleguard conditioner and it made my leathers look much much more new. The guard spray does feel greasy at first, but I really need to be patient with the drying process. :smile: I'm gonna try shining monkey once I finish my Apple, which is almost done :smile:
  14. Thanks for all the info ladies. I'll try to pick the Appleguard tomorrow.
  15. I have never used shining monkey but have used apple garde spray and conditioner. I like how apple garde conditions my bags...also it leaves a great shine. I also recommend vectra spray for lambskin chanel.

    Where can you get shining monkey?