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  1. I will definately use Shining Monkey on my Mini Cooper, but do not have the guts to use it on the Bedford... Which product would it be??? there are all the detailing ones... and, I'd be so afraid it would seal the leather, so it couldn't breathe anymore... unless I missed a product that is specifically for leather...

    Have realized that the patent on the vernis is allowed to let the leather breathe, which is also what allows it to suck in the other colors (color transfer, and then get stuck inside the patent shiny coat); I finally get that, which is what makes vernis so fragile...

    I don't know, being a newbie and spending big $$$ on bags, I'm really afraid to touch them with products, thought i could, but i can't.:confused1:
  2. I use Wilson's Leather Protector on all my vachetta and fabric and I highly recommend it. It dries in minutes and does not darken the leather.
  3. I use Wilsons also. it works great. None of my bbags have suffered rain spots because of the wilsons.
  4. Okay, Wilson's it is. This is from like Wilson's leather in the mall, right?
  5. Yes, I use Wilson's too and so far it's great. I've also tried Collonil, which works great too.
  6. I love the monkey. I would spray it on the vachetta and wipe it off the vernis.
  7. I thout there was a problem with wilsons, like it was hazardous or sumthing.
  8. I have used the wilson spray on my bedford and it went well! I've used wilson spray on all my somewhat patinaed vachetta (too scared on brand new vachetta) and it worked great and dried quickly. I haven't used any other product so I don't know how they compare.

    With spraying on the bedford though, you should be sure to wipe the spray off the vernis right away or else it leaves a film on the vernis. it left a film on some parts of my vernis because i didn't clean it off thoroughly. It is now film-free but i had to scrub it off with some arm power.
  9. Shining Monkey is for CAR guys, the group tried to scam the PF
  10. What is it with you and accusing people of scamming?

    There are MANY members on tPF who have used Shining Monkey FABRIC AND LEATHER protectant on our bags and had it work perfectly well. I have used it on my Speedy, my other bags, my shoes, my car etc and have been nothing but pleased.

    ...I don't know where you come off saying who is a scammer and who isn't. First it's let-trade, and now SM?
  11. I'm not attacking you in any way. I read that thread when it first came out, but I think you're using the word "scam" here very losely.
  12. regardless of how the owner of this product conducted herself, this product is like using wilson spray or apple guarde, on your LV products YOU USE AT OWN RISK. Louis vuitton does not in any way want you to use a product on your bag or they would sell such product.

    Therefore, whether the product is new to the market or is 10 yrs old you are still using it at your own risk. We have members that have use all the above products some with a good outcome and other with not so good. The ones that have had not such good out comes shouldnt bash that product either. Because others have used it with no issues.

    Again USE ALL PRODUCTS AT YOUR OWN RISK regardless of which you must understand you can be damaging your bag, whether its applying the product or years down the road.
  13. I just wanted to warn you guys, when I asked my SA she said that if it's a car product it's better to avoid it as it can damage the fragile vachetta at long.

    It's like using your Ajax Dish liquid Washer as a Face Cleanser instead of using a Neutrogena Face Cleanser. it will works for sure but at the end is it good for the skin?
  14. :confused1: sorry but an organization of people under cover trying to sell a product by claiming it's fabulous is for me a scam :nuts:

    You can call a dog a cat, for me a dog is a dog.

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