Shining Monkey questions

I've read several of the Shining Monkey threads, but still have a few questions:

1) Does Shining Monkey help to prevent all stains (i.e. from skin oils, lotions, dirt) or water stains only?
2) How many coats should be put on the first time?
3) How often must the vachetta be sprayed subsequently (i.e. every month, each use)?
4) Does the vachetta still stain after developing patina?

Thanks for your help!
Well, I guess I'll tackle this:

1. No, it won't prevent all stains. If the vachetta gets dirty from dirt, it's probably going to stay that way until patina develops.

2. I usually put 2 -3 coats on. Light coats just a nice light spray, then it dries immediatley then another....

3. I have only ever sprayed my bags once, I don't do it a second time.

4. Even patina'd vachetta can stain, let's say it you dropped it into a puddle of water, or dropped food of some sort on it, yes, it's going to stain. You want to be careful of those things, but once it has a nice patina stains from rain or things like that are less likely.

Hope this helps!