Shining Monkey promo code just for us!

  1. I just ordered 2 more cans yesterday and got a call from them confirming my order. They have received some calls from ladies over here that they assigned a code for us here. purseforum777 - 10% off. It's going to run for a little while, not sure when it expires. I forgot to ask. I was so embarassed that I am ordering 2 cans again just after a month (I sprayed all my purses with it, that's why). He was like, "Didn't you just buy a couple of cans?" :shame:
  2. Please excuse my ignorance but what exactly is Shining Monkey?
  3. The website is The fabric protector is what you want to order. HTH
  4. I just think that is so cute!! :P
  5. that's so cool.....i've been meaning to order (but i've been procrastinating).....better hurry up and get my order in before the promo ends :P....thanks so much for posting this kathyrose
  6. ooo!!! i might buy some!
  7. Thanks KathyRose for sharing.. maybe that'll get me started to buy one and try it out. Many members here rave about it.
  8. Hi Tammy!~:biggrin:
  9. Do you know if they ship to Europe? I can't find it!! :wacko:
  10. No prob! Water droplets just bead up and roll off. I quickly dab leftover droplets away. Neat stuff!
  11. I think the only places you can order it from is online at or at this time. I don't think they ship internationally because of the aerosol cans. I was speaking to one of the people working there and they told me in the near future it will hopefully be available at Walmart nationwide pretty soon. They are trying to get it distributed through Canada too. HTH
  12. Yea!!!! I just ordered my can online and used the coupon code.. Thx again kathyrose!!!!!!!
  13. I just ordered a couple of cans thru and I am in Canada. They do ship internationally since they had a list of countries they ship to. But because these are aerosol cans, you should ask their customer service first if they are able to ship overseas.

    Thank you kathyrose for mentioning the discount!!!:nuts: :nuts:
  14. Thanks so much for the code Kathyrose! Am going to order a can right now. :smile: