Shining Monkey out of business???

  1. Well, I ordered some of the leather protector spray that so many members swear by on december 28th. I kept waiting for a response with shipping information and none came. I tried calling the #s on the bottom of the website, and get a recording for both the long distance # as well as the toll free # that they are no longer in service! Does anyone know if they are still operating or has anyone recently received any products from them? And is this the right website, I thought I had gotten this information from an earlier posting. Thanks for you help
  2. I ordered some from their website right before Christmas and I received it not too long after.:shrugs:

  3. thank you!, I had even tried their fax number listed on their website without any luck. Pehaps they simply changed their phone # and have not updated their site. When you do call their phone contacts listed on their site, the recording states the cell phone # you are calling is no longer operating. Hope I get the stuff soon, I am so use to ordering online and getting shipping confirmations and my items at least within 5 days or so, in this case I got no shipping confirmation and no item and its been since late pm of 27 DEcember. I have 2 new bags that my daughter and I have not carried for we want to wait for the protector spray to get here first so it can be applied before use! Thanks again for responding.