shining monkey on your expensive shoes

  1. Do any of you spray shining monkey on your very exensive, or cheap shoes? I purchased a pair of louboutins and before i wear them, i wonder if i should protect them with this stuff. I wonder if it will ruin the sheen of the leather.
  2. I don't think so. I use it all the time.
  3. i use the protective spray only on shoes i wear when it rains. i tend to avoid wearing my fabulous shoes when it rains and usually carry them in a separate bag and put them on when i'm in a closed environment:P
    when it rains, i wear my rainboots or clarks boots and on theselast onesi spray a substance that makes them more waterproof.
    i know it might sound crazy but i'd never put my manolos under pouring rain :lol:
  4. Isn't shining monkey for car leather?

    I would not use it on my expensive shoes.

    I use apple care conditioner and apple garde leather protectant.

    This brand has formulations for all leather goods.

    BTW: my business is selling aftermarket performance car parts; so, I know a thing or two about cars, and I tend to keep the car goods for my cars.
  5. hi guys .................. maybe i am jst not in the loop :shame: , but what is "shining monkey"?? I live in the US is this a european product? is it like scotch-guard?

  6. i used Shinning Monkey on all my shoes and the didnt damage or change anything about them, i just put a light spray then do it again after it dries... emmajane, you can do a google for them online they're all over but easiest to buy directly from them

    hope that helps ;)
  7. I wouldnt recommend using Shining Monkey for expensive leather either. It was made for cars. I'd stick with the reputable brands for leather such as Wilsons or Applegarde. These are very expensive items and can be damaged if you aren't careful.
  8. I would go with what Loganz said! Don't use a car product on your expensive shoes! I always use Wilsons leather and suede protector spray, it leaves no spots or residue because its not emollient based.
  9. The name kind of scares me. I dont like my leather to get shiny. I use Applegarde or Wilsons.
  10. I hear Vectra spray is pretty good too. Chanel boutiques endorse it. So did the Chloe SA.