Shining monkey on wallets and saffiano?

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  1. Has anybody used shining monkey on a regular cow leather Kate Spade wallet? Or tried shining monkey on saffiano leather? I've been wondering if anybody has been brave enough to try it on saffiano leather. I've tried searching the forum and web and seems like ppl are still trying to figure out what to do with saffiano. Thank you! Appreciate all the help! ..... Oh just for detail, my KS wallet is a bright pink and wanted to protect it from scratches and mostly color transfer just in case.
  2. Well, nobody answered and I was brave enough to try it! It worked fantastic on my pink leather Kate Spade wallet!!! I did cover up where it said kate spade NY though with a piece of tape bc it's a golden type of paint or something and I didn't want to risk it. I've heard of this stuff ruining lurex and anything with shimmer and shine in the fabric so just incase. I did not use it on my saffiano wallet I'm going to just use Wilson's leather for that. I really love shining monkey!!! You can't even tell it's on there and dries super quick and leaves no smell behind!!