Shining Monkey Leather Protector?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have read a few posts in the Coach forum about using Shining Monkey fabric/leather protector to protect suede/leather bags. I was wondering if anyone knows where to purchase Shining Monkey other than on their website (it seems to be out of date and both phone numbers are disconnected). I have also tried Ebay and Amazon and was not successful. If anyone knows a store on place online to purchase, I would be most grateful!

  2. Good question! In the meantime use Apple Garde or Wilson's Leather Spray. I also wonder where to buy Shining Monkey but the others brands work good, too.
  3. I have heard that Apple Guard can be a bit splotchy so I was wary to try that one. I may try the Wilson's if I cannot find Shining Monkey (I saw Wilson's on ebay). Maybe someone has purchased Shining Monkey lately from the website...fingers crossed.
  4. I use Wilson's spray on everything (almost literally!), and I have found nothing else that compares. It has never discolored anything (it initially looks darker, but then dries invisibly), and I've never had a bag (even a delicate suede bag) spot in the rain. It can also be used on fabric, and is especially useful for winter coats and boots. You can buy Wilson's spray online or in Wilson's outlet stores. The product they carry is really questionable at this point (some of the bags they have), and their protector is the only thing I always buy there!
  5. I ordered it straight from the website.

    It took a little while to get here but well worth the wait. I got stuck in the rain with my suede Hobo and the water just beaded up and rolled off. Awesome product, dries fast, does not change the color of leather, fabric or suede. I cannot begin to say how much I love this product!
  6. When did you order it? I am a bit nervous to order from the site as both of their phone numbers are disconnected and they don't respond to email...
  7. About 3 weeks ago is when I received it. I took over 2 weeks to get here but it did get here. Just order with a credit card, that way if there is any problem you have recourse. I never tried to call them or email them so not sure what's going on with that. Hope this helps.
  8. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    That is all I needed to hear, ordering right now!:smile:
  9. shining monkey when sprayed on new leather leaves no trace. apple slightly darkens the leather. I have both and like the shining monkey better used it on all the LV bags leather.