shining monkey... is this the right one?

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  1. if you plan to buy one you can use this code for a discount in their site...

  2. oh! and there's a winter promo too for 15%

  3. yeh i'm curisous too
  4. is this better than apple garde?
  5. I used shining monkey. I need another can because after I sprayed the vachetta on my lv bags, I also sprayed 4 pairs of suede shoes!
  6. Yes, I think this works.
  7. ^^Oh my God!!! How did I ever miss this?? I just went back and checked my calendar for May 7th and I wasn't even doing anything! I can't believe I never saw this thread!

    I use shining monkey on my bags, so far so good. But wow, that's kinda creepy!!
  8. Yup - that's why I'm against the whole "Shining Monkey" discussion.

    Everytime I see a thread started on it, it gives me the chills :s
  9. It works great, though. I'll keep using it.
  10. oh wow i didn't know about the whole drama... i was just looking for something to guard my vachetta for the rainy season! i suppose this thread could be closed now then. thanks!
  11. interesting....
  12. It's a car product, onr of the pfer had a really bag skin reaction to just by carrying her bag. I would stay away from this.

  13. thank god i got apple garde. i love it and will stick to it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.