Shining Monkey has not arrived yet!

  1. Hi all:

    I've not been on the forum for a few weeks because my poor dog was very sick from this pet food recall. We've spent about $2,000 and she was hospitalized. She is home now and on the mend. But my spending days are definitely at a halt!!

    If you remember, I was asking questions about a good choice of a suede protector back at the end of March. Well, I ordered the Shining Monkey from Amazon. It still has not arrived!! Has anyone else had this problem? I called Amazon & told them it has not come but they told me to wait another few days before they give me a refund. I am so upset because I REFUSE to use my new suede bag until I protect it.

    I guess I will get a refund ($24!!) and go to Burlington and purchase the Apple Guard.
  2. Sorry to hear about your dog! I hope she makes a full recovery!!

    If you do end up getting a refund and decide to go with Apple Garde, you might want to call Burlington before you go. My Burlington only carries the Apple Leather Care, which is a cream - they don't carry the Garde spray.
  3. Thanks for the info. If they do not carry it there, where can I purchase it? Thanks again!! I really wanted to use the bag for Easter :cursing:
  4. So sorry about your poor doggy! I am glad she is on the mend. Hopefully you will get your shining monkey soon. Do they not give tracking numbers? I know it was purchased through Amazon but can you contact the actual company that shipped it and verify if it has been sent?
  5. Believe it or not, there was no tracking number. I tried to contact shining monkey directly but they are unreachable! The phone number just gives a fast busy signal, their "live chat" button does not work, and they are not answering my emails. Believe me, I'm very frustrated! I probably should've just gone to a Wilson's Leather Shop & picked up their suede protector. It was actually recommended to me by a Coach SA a few months ago. But when I read the praises of Shining Monkey, I decided to go with that instead.

    Thanks for your wishes about my doggy. When she's all better, I will post her picture in my signature line. She's such a trooper. I hope she makes it thru all this. It's been a living nightmare!
  6. I don't know anything about shining monkey - but I hope your baby is feeling better!
  7. So sorry to hear about your pup, but glad she's on the mend - that's so scary!

    Like LizCordova posted, you can order Applegarde (which I've used on a lot of my suede bags and had good results) from Leather stuff and they were reliable and shipped quickly. I've also used suede protectant from Nordstroms that worked well.
  8. Sorry to hear about your dog :sad:
    It sickens me that this can happen in this day and age -- The results came in and they found not only rat poison, but melamie (which is used in plastic utensils here, but used in fertilizer in China).
    OK anyway -- I really hope your dog pulls through all of this -- I think the pet food company is footing the bills for the pets affected? I know it's not much of a consolation because your poor pet had to go through such agony ...

    My heart goes out to all pets and their owners affected by this tragedy.

    BTW I read this article today on tips for picking out food for dogs:

    Ok sorry for going off topic..
  9. Thanks to you all for your help on suede protector AND on my dog. At the risk of going off topic, it's atrocious that this has happened. We have decided that NOTHING is safe to feed her other than home-made food. I've been cooking doggie stew each week and freezing it into zip locks. Please everyone, BE VERY careful and watch your pets carefully. Her food wasn't even on the recall list at first -- it was added later. I just pray that she'll recover then we can put it all behind us. The pet food companies have created so much red-tape -- I don't really think anyone will recover any of their money. Sad by true, in my opinion.
  10. oh your poor puppy!
    that baby doesn't deserve this! how does things liek this happen!?!?! i sure hope you can submit those puppy bills to teh food complany!

    as far as your spray, i am just on the hunt looking for one, so i want to hear how this works out for yoU!
  11. CoachQueen, I wish I knew about your situation earlier!

    I ordered Shining Monkey from Amazon on March 29, and paid EXTRA for 1-3 day shipping. The delivery estimate is "March 31, 2007 - April 5, 2007." I was concerned that I haven't received a tracking number or any evidence that my package has been shipped, but I wasn't going to complain until April 5 came and went. But now I'm worried.

    When did you place your order?

    Incidentally I ordered something else from Amazon at the same time and did FREE shipping and my item arrived yesterday, so I'm super pissed about paying extra for expedited shipping. Regardless of when the Shining Monkey arrives, Amazon and Shining Monkey are going to get an earful about that.

    BUt I'm interested in what's going on with your order, so keep me posted!
  12. My heart goes out to all pet owners, and I am so glad that your puppy is on the way to healing. So very glad that you caught things early.
  13. Randarific: I think I placed the order on March 22 or 23. I know from a previous email I sent directly to Shining Monkey asking them if they had a distributor in NJ, that they were moving their facilities. But STILL, that is no excuse for them not responding to me and having their phones down with no alternate phone number. I technically need to wait another 2 days before amazon resolves this by reimbursing me my money. Once I get it resolved, I will look for the apple guarde at Burlington. If they don't have it there, I will just order it. I think it's only about $7 + $5 or so shipping & handling. I paid like $24 for the Shining Monkey (which I never even got!)

    Thanks. I will keep you posted on my puppy & the spray protector!
  14. Your doggie is in my prayers.

    I ordered Appleguard from the link above and got it in 3 days and it works great. Just know it will darken your bag ONLY FOR AN HOUR until it dries, then it will be like before.