Shining Monkey FYI and ?

  1. I sprayed my Speedy 35 two days ago. I think I overdid it though. :sad:

    The first coat dried so fast...I thought, heck why not spray some more on? :amuse: Well, the handles dried back to their original color, but the tabs are still a touch darker and there are areas on each of the outer edges (but still on the top of the tab) that looks wet.

    Will this go away? It's not a huge deal really, I know it will blend in time. Just curious is anyone else had this happen.

  2. I would also like to know, since I've never tried the SM.
  3. I used it the other day on my Tulum strap...I sprayed 2 coats...(lightly) dried in about 30 problems. I will not use it more than once a year I would say....and would just use it lightly (like you did) Im sure it will dry! Good luck.
  4. Thanks. :flowers: I'm hopeful, but it will be OK if it stays this way.
  5. I spray 2 light coats adn it didn't discolor at all but even if it did, I don't think I'd mind cause it's bound to happen anyway.

    Just let it be.
  6. I sprayed my denim speedy 2 light coats and it dried ok.
    the following day i sprayed it again and its fine.

    I might repeat this in time depending on how much i use the bag.

    I did also spray my baggy, with one light coat. Reason its a shoulder bag so i'm not handling it like the noe speedy.
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