Shining Monkey Fabric Protector Ruined my Finish :'(

  1. If there was a bad batch I am sure I got it. I noticed you said you wiped it off of your bags handles right away and I didn't even think about it. I also think the spray smelled like oil to me it was a little weird. I don't know how the doves handles are or if it would show up like it did on the patent. I have the legacy stripe glam tote and i don't think it would have shown up on its finish near like the shiny black patent. I am so happy i did not spray the handles. The metallic tag was pretty now it's just blotchy dull gray and ugly. I am glad it didn't bother your glam tote's finish :smile:
  2. I don't know. Once I called Coach because a delete I purchased at the outlet had a damaged hangtag and they said they would send me one and they did but it was a super small metal one that didn't look good at all. I don't even know what to tell them if I called.
  3. Is there a coach boutique store near you? They keep a supply of replacement tags on hand and they are super nice about giving them to customers.
  4. No the closest one is over 3 hours away.
  5. I sprayed vachetta leather with it and it worked perfectly.
  6. It was sprayed on the vachetta tag that came on the bag and it worked fine on it as well.
  7. I would definitely send them the bag (before you put on the conditioner of another manufacturer!). You have nothing to lose. It's not like a company like Shining Monkey is going to steal your bag or anything.

    Why don't you just give them a chance to make it right? It seems like this way you are sort of giving up and trying a 1000x different things that may damage your poor bag further. Just send it insured, take pix and keep a copy of the receipt of the bag and the can of spray.... Besides you have this thread on a public forum as proof. :biggrin:

  8. I completely agree with kath00. I wouldn't keep trying different products to see if they help, just send it in to Shining Monkey. Good luck!
  9. I didn't think they were going to steal my bag :smile: Due to his emails I do think he is going to disagree that the damage came from their product even when or if he had my bag in his hands. Depending how my bag is treated I could get it back with the hardware scratched and still have to keep it. It's bad enough having to live with the damage so far but it could be worse. I will send them the metallic tag so they can do testing or whatever they want to do with it because it is totally ruined. Thank you to everyone who took time to reply to my post :biggrin:
  10. Though they can do testing on the hang tag, to see the actual damage the spray caused would be much better up close and personal rather than looking at a small portion (hang tag) of the damaged purse. Pictures can't show the entire damage and if I were in your shoes, I would just send it in. My feelings are if you send in only the hang tag, you will most likely get a no from them.
  11. Thank you for replying. I agree with you I am just afraid :smile:
  12. Today I stopped into Macy's on our way home from visiting family and asked if they happen to have a silver tag off of the black glam tote and the lady was so nice she went through the cabinets and found a metallic tag that goes on the glam tote and another pearlized hangtag as well :smile: she was soooo nice! It just made my night!
  13. Glad you got some new hang tags...

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  14. That is very nice! I usually get better service at my fp than the macys counter.
  15. I sprayed my fuschia glam a few days ago and havent had any issues.. I did wipe down the handles after..

    I still think you got a bad can :sad: