Shining Monkey Fabric Protector...Bought from

  1. hi i know i'm suppose to post at the FAQ thread, but i'm not allowed to, this is related to LV somehow, hopefully someone here can help me.

    I recently purchased Shining Monkey Fabric Protector (leather protector spray) from and have not received from them (already past the delievery time). When I try to check my shipping status from nothing's shown, but I did get a invoice through email saying they already charged my credit card. Did any member here bought this from Please help :sad:
  2. Have bought from many, many times and have never had a problem. I suggest you contact customer service...
  3. Yeah, I've bought several times from them as well and have never had problems. Contact customer service. Double check who the seller is. Sometimes Amazon sells from other retailers as well. Make sure you contact the right person.
  4. oh k thanks now i feel a bit relieved, yes I sent them emails and on the invoice it says it was sold directly from shining monkey, and there's just one link on so I think i'm on the right track ....

    emailed them, and wait ......
  5. I purchased my can last year through too, but it was from a different retailer (superfastcarz inc, but I see that they no longer have the fabric protector in stock) and I had no problems whatsoever. The info is still in my amazon order history :yes: Hope you get this all sorted out!
  6. this is my first purchase from, and when I checked my account, it says "No orders or transactions" but I did an inovice through email that they charged my credit card and should be able to get the item by April 30 - which i didn't :shrugs: ....
  7. You might want to call your credit card co. to see if they processed the charge what you can do if you don't recieve the item.
  8. Did get back to you? Normally when you order through one of their vendors, the information will show up in your order history. I don't know why it isn't showing up on yours...but it is a bit alarming that the Shining Monkey seller has only one feedback and it is a negative one...:s
  9. I remember reading another post about the exact same thing and she was also saying she ordered from Amazon and did not get her SM. I think she finally got a refund.
  10. omg this is not good, because i thought a lot of people from this forum ordered this from so it should be safe. Yes it did show on my account right after I ordered it, but now it showed NOTHING ... i'm so nervous, what can I do now?
  11. actually before the order from, I tried to place order directly at, but I got their email saying their online ordering system did not work probably and asked me to tell them my credit card # again. I thought it is not safe that way, so I tried to order from instead, but now look what happened :sad: a fraud company? i just reported it.
  12. update on this, DO NOT BUY SHINING MONKEY ON, that seller would never ship their item but charge your credit card. Altho I don't understand why so many people bought it from and has no problem (maybe differenet seller? this seller has 1 negative and no positive feedback) so be carefully everyone! i'm contacting to issue a refund. hopefully this would work out, if not i'll be very disappointed since this is my first time order from
  13. I am sorry to hear about this....At least Amazon will give you a refund.
  14. Shining monkey has their own website. Order direct next time. Mine took a very short amount of time to arrive.
  15. yes i did that before I tried ordering from BUT they said their online ordering system's down and asked me to give them my credit card # thru email instead, I didn't feel safe to do that, so i didn't order directly from shining monkey.

    maybe i'll try again in the future from shining monkey, but right now i just want my refund from first ....