Shining Monkey and Appleguard

  1. There have been lots of posts on both of these -- I just want to clarify what I think I read before I make a mess:

    It's OK to use the Shining Monkey on brand new vachetta. It won't change the look of it but will slow down the patina process.

    The Appleguard Conditioner should not be used until there is some patina and then it will protect and clean. If used on the brand new vachetta it will darken it quickly.

    Is that what is being said about these two products?
  2. On the mypoupette site, the care tips talk about using the appleguard conditioner on new leather and then the spray.
    I've done that and had no problems. The vachetta turned just the tiniest bit darker---but so little that I even had a hard time telling....