Shining Monkey - All over the Bag or Just on the Vachetta

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  1. Do you spray this all over the bag or just on the Vachetta?
    Can you spray it on the Vernis line?
    What about on the MC White?
    I read somewhere that it really stained their White MC.
  2. it's just meant for the vachetta, but if you get it on the canvas or Vernis leather you can just wipe it off. it's never stained my white Multicolore bags
  3. I've sprayed Wilson's leather spray all over my Vernis and it's fine. You can use that to give the Vernis a little extra protection, but not the shining monkey, just for the vachetta.
  4. I spray it all over and just wipe off the excess on the non-vachetta parts. It's never discolored anything I own, and I spray it on EVERYTHING, even shoes!
  5. I spray all-over.
  6. I too spray shining monkey all over the bag. Never did any damage to the canvas so far. Just wipe the excess off if need be, usually it drys up quick enough anyways.

  7. Did you use it on your vernis too?
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