Shining monkey AFTER patina sets in

  1. I know a lot of you have used shining monkey, etc. to stop the patina process. I'm wondering if anyone has used a product AFTER you got the patina you want, to keep it from getting any darker. I want my vachetta to have that honey color, but then I want it to stop. Just wondering if anyone has tried this and if it works after the darkening process has already begun.
  2. I don't think you'll ever be able to stop the patina process. I'm not even sure if SM will delay it but at least you'll have some protection.
  3. I've used it on all my bags. It doesn't STOP the patina process, it just protects the leather from water stains. It may slow the patina process a little, but it doesn't stop it, unfortunatley!!
  4. where do you get SM?! I would like to get one..I live in Canada though...dunno if they have that...or somethign similar maybe!?> anyone know?!
  5. It won't stop the patina process. Some says it slows it down. I don't mind patina (although I prefer the light colored handles) so I never thought about it really.
  6. Where can you purchase this?? I did a google search and it comes up car wash accessories is this correct?Thanks...:idea:
  7. I like patina, I just don't want my speedy to get nasty on the handles. I've seen pictures of speedy handles that gross me out. I really like a good patina, I just want to keep it looking decent, know what I mean?
  8. they have a website. I'm not sure if they ship to Canada though. It's shining monkey dot com. (can't type out web address here cause it won't put them up). :smile:

  9. Most of the time when the handles get very dirty is because of the oils from creams and other products that we put in our hands. With time plus dust they start getting dirty. This type of product would help but it is a matter of being careful withouth sacrificing enjoying your bag. :yes:
  10. which product is it on the website?? sorry if this is a stupid questions but theres a ton of stuff on the website
  11. Correct! it's for car use only. Also a pfer had a very bad skin reaction after using it.
  12. Cool- thanks Princess...
  13. SM has worked extremely very well for a number of PF members. Yes, it's designed for vehicle interiors, but works wonders for LVs. Apple Guard, Wilson's and Magic Eraser are also not recommended by LV, but are routinely used with great results as well.

    Miroir, I remember you bashing SM the last time this was brought up. What's your horror story/problem with SM? Please enlighten us.


    Who would that be?
  14. I have had consistently excellent results using Shining Monkey on bare vachetta. It won't stop the patina process, but it does protect from rain spots and dirt. It does not discolor the leather in the slightest. My one word of caution would be to use it outside - this stuff stinks! The smell does not stick to the bag, it's just nasty while you're spraying it.

    Oh, my other word of caution would be to not mention the name "Shining Monkey" if you have a teenage boy in the house. They come up with all sorts of rude variations on the name!
  15. Shining Monkey is a leather/fabric protector. Same active ingredients as Wilson's Leather Protector, and any leather protector that you find in any store. They just put a protective coating over the leather and/or fabric so that water doesn't seep in and make a horrible looking water stain.

    Anyone can get a skin irritation from anything. Just don't get it all over you and I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Does't everyone spray their leather jackets, shoes, boots, etc. with some kind of leather protector?? I always make sure I do even before I wear the item because I want it to stay looking nice and not get ruined if I get caught in the rain.