shining moneky is dummy-proof!!

  1. i have just used shining monkey for the first time. and i have to say, it's super easy to use! yeah, i know, you only have to "spray" it, so what's the big deal? but when you have to spray your $$$$ bag with it, every little detail is a big deal and requires courage! ok, maybe i exaggerated a little.. anyway, SM dried almost instantly and you can spray layers one after the other. I used dry tissue paper to wipe the hardwares after i was done spraying. and now, the bag is sitting on my desk and i won't touch it until tmw morning in case it isn't completely dry (however, i touched the vachetta and i do believe it's dried, i am just being paranoid :sweatdrop:). anyway, just want to share with you my shining monkey experience and thank TPFers for sharing this wonderful product! :tup: :yahoo::wlae: