Shine Treatment at Salon

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has tried a shine treatment for their hair at an actual salon. Is it worth it? The salon I'm thinking about doing it at charges 25 and up to do it. Is it the same thing as the glaze you can buy at the store? Does it change your hair color or damage your hair in any way? Will it change the waviness of my hair at all?
  2. It doesn't damage hair (no ammonia, no peroxide), but yes it's the same thing you can buy at the store. If you buy the ingredients at the beauty supply store, it's even cheaper. I do it myself and it comes out to less than $5 per application. It will not change color, but it's made my hair straighter and smoother over time, I guess because it's coating it.

    Btw, the product I use is Clairol Professional Radiance Colorgloss Clear Shine mixed with Clairol Professional Radiance Infuser. I like it better than the drugstore version and it's cheaper.
  3. I'm kind of worried about my hair becoming straighter. I like wearing my hair naturally wavy sometimes and don't want to lose that. When the shine treatment washes out, does your hair go back to its normal texture?
  4. I have experience with Paul Mitchell PM Shines clear shine and it should not actually relax the curl/wave in your hair. It is definitely worth it because the ingredients found in PM Shines vastly differs from what you will purchase OTC. I'm going to assume the OTC product may be coating the hair which is why claireZK is experiencing some straightening of the hair(?). PM Shines will definitely make your hair shinier and actually improve the overall feel and texture.