Shine/gloss spray for hair?

  1. Anyone know of a good product to add shine to your hair. I have short layers, dyed brown with blond highlights. I see so many products in the drugstore and I forgot what I used to use. So have you tried anything you loved? I use Bumble & Bumble products so I will have to check their web site to see what they have.
    Any suggestions?????
  2. I like the Brilliant Brunette a lot. It smells really good!
  3. John Frieda has a glossing spray. I haven't personally tried it but a friend of mine loves that stuff!
  4. I like Fekkai Glossing line.
  5. Right now I have B/B Big Shine, Oleo-relax by Kerastase, Shining by Rusk on my counter.

    but my favorite is Headrush by Bed Head in the pink can. I like the way it makes my hair feel soft and calms down any dry ends w/ a nice shine.
  6. Excellent product...Results (charles worthington)
  7. I use this too! I love it
  8. The best IMHO is Bumbe and Bumble's shine spray...LOVE it!!
  9. Another vote for the Brilliant Brunette line!!
  10. I use Biosilk!
  11. I like Pureology's shine serum. I also like Frederic Fekkai's leave-in shine spray w/ SPF.
  12. Do any of these products make your hair greasy?
  13. Another vote for Frederic Fekkai's which is the first one ever not to make my very fine blonde hair look like very lank, greasy, fine blonde hair!
  14. light weight gloss - Biosilk!
  15. I love very sexy serium by vs.... smells delish and leaves ur hair super shiny