Shimmy tote - your thoughts

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  1. Just had a peek on the website and the purple shimmy tote has caught my eye.

    Has anyone seen it? Can it be carried messenger style?
  2. We share taste in bags it seems! I love the shimmy tote, saw one in the window but I don't know if it can be carried messenger or not. The delicate leather and the price are the only slight negative factors!
  3. It says it has a detachable strap so i suppose it can technically be carried messenger style, but from the looks of it, it's one of those unadjustable ones like on the regular Shimmy's and appears quite short from the image on the website.

    I think it looks like a lovely bag, but maybe not my style. Also, as pheebs says, the leather is apparently very delicate which would put me off. Are they in stores yet? It would be great to see it in real life.
  4. I think someone tried it and found that the strap just wasn't long enough to wear the bag messenger style as it ended up around your armpit.
  5. lol, an armpit bag.
  6. Just like the Shimmy then!!?? Its got one of those "pick pocket proof' straps that makes the bag sit in your armpit!