Shimmer Twinkle Bling Bling Blue!!!!

  1. It has been a while since I got my metallic navy reissue 226, well since Tuesday to be exact. But dh had the camera with him till the weekend so haven't posted pics until now! :yes:

    I know everyone has posted pics of their navy many let me bore you all again! :sleepy:

    Here it is, my very 'first' Chanel purchase...:love:
    chanelbag001.jpg chanelbag002.jpg chanelbag003.jpg chanelbag004.jpg chanelbag005.jpg
  2. ...last one....:p
  3. gorgeousssssss. the navy looks almost black in your pics, pretty!
  4. the blue look like black here, but its amazing bag, congrats, nothing called boring when it comes to viewing a beautiful items and its CHANEL!

    love the guccie cosmetic bag ... metallic pink? cool colour
  5. In real, the navy does look V dark...I thought these pics lightened the bag rather than darken it though :confused1:

    Yeah I put the Gucci cosmetics case next to it as it contrasted against the navy well :p
  6. I'm never bored with Chanel bags.. congrats on your stunning new purchase ! :yes:
  7. Congrats, brendating! :flowers:

    The navy is simply gorgeous, isn't it! U got yourself the most wanted color of this season in the reissue, that's a BIG SCORE!!!:woohoo::yahoo:

    CHEERS! :drinkup:
  8. It is a beautiful bag! And who can ever tire of looking at beauty ... especially when its name is Chanel????????????

  9. lovely!!
  10. Such a beauty! Congrats.
  11. Wow! Gorgeous! Congrats on such a beauty!
  12. Beautiful, congratulations.

  13. Nice! :yahoo:
  14. Congrats on your beautiful new navy reissue! The color goes so well with the Gucci cosmetic case!
  15. Congratulations!