Shimmer Stowell Tote

  1. I have it and I love it!
  2. Would you please post a pic? The url turned out nothing. Thank you!
  3. This product is temporarily out of stock.???
  4. I saw it on Burberry website too... very interesting one...
    I have only the Stowell Tote in Red... when I bought my red stowell, the shimmer one wasnt out yet... haizz... :crybaby:
  5. Yea I just checked and they have it in the solid colors now
  6. Yes! Post please :smile:
  7. I was just admiring that bag. It is huge though!!
    But if I were you I would order it online, with that price, I don't think it will last long...

    edit: Oh I just noticed this is an older thread, so I guess they put it back up again. So go get it while you still can!
  8. If you go on eBay and enter shimmer stowell tote, I think you might be able to find better reference pics. I can't right now as my work computer blocks eBay.
  9. I know which one you mean, the gold shimmer, right? I saw it on the site this morning, and it appeared on the first link you posted. it was on sale for 169! But I guess that went even faster than I thought, cause it is gone of the site again! Next time I see it I'll PM you cause I think posting it here will alert all the others hunting it as well ;)
    The silver one (or gunmetalcolor) was also on, but gone now...
  10. omg $169, thats a steal.
  11. That is such a good deal!
    does anyone know if burberryusaonline ships to canada?