Shimmer Python Mahala

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  1. So ladies, and gent, what do we think of this one?

    Mahala metallic python.JPG

    Mahala metallic python detail.JPG
  2. The price is $4495. I don't get JChoo pricing- how could this be more than the snake Ramona at Saks?
  3. IT is to DYE for :drool: :drool:

    I carried that bag around quite a bit last week as well, but it is so close to my "Jungle Baby" I just could not justify another one (DH would not either :Push: )

    I say GRAB IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I wonder how many they have in stock? The last thing I would want to do is drop close to $5k on the bag and then two months later see it 50% off. Do you think it would last till the sales?
  5. I just don't know what to tell you. I always look at situations like this as "If it was a bag meant to be, then there will still one left for you in June" if not, then it was not meant to be and there will be something better down the road;)
  6. Lionlaw,

    I agree with Robyn,
    That is fantastic looking Jimmy Choo!:yahoo:

    As far as waiting for it to go 50% off, you can hope and wait and then never get it.
    I look at buying these Jimmy Choo's like when I buy a new Bass.(about the same price range, ask Colette!)
    If it is what I truly want and have the funds for it I get it.
    I don't worry about waiting and hoping it will go on sale.
    That may never happen.
    If that is the case then you truly don't really want it or need it!:shrugs:

    But since the Pony hair and the Croc let Down,:sad:

    I say you go for it!:tup:

    I think you will look AWESOME with it!

  7. :heart::heart::heart: the price makes me weep but Girl... GO FOR IT!!!!:love:
  11. Now that could make even me consider a Mahala...and snakeskin! I tend to like the python bags that don't show the snakey colors. (Chanel has a purple one out that is TDF!) But that one is yummy...
  12. I'm psychotic about python lately. I love that mahala but am not sure if I'm a shimmery type of gal. I'd have to see it in person.
  13. I love snakeskin normally, but this one isn't really pretty in person. VEry average looking snakeskin, not worth it, imo.
  14. I've admired JC purses, especially the mahala style, but I don't like the python on it. I like the gryson style python better since it's more multi-tonal, plus it's cheaper. Something about the gold makes it look fake for some reason and over the top.
  15. I don't see anything average or cheap or over the top with the TDF bag!
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