Shimi satchel vs Bihar satchl

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    which one makes a better shoulder bag? I can't find modeling pix of them side by side so Im having a hard time deciding

    (should say shimia and satchel....keyboard is sticking today...sorry!)
  2. Personally I would say the Bihar. I tried on the leather version in Von Maur a couple of weeks ago and thought it was very comfy. The Shimia is 20" W which is really big in my opinion. Unless of course you like big bags, which I don't.
  3. thanks....I like medium to large bags, but not giant ones (since Im just shy of 5'4)
  4. Bihar!! :tup:
  5. I have the Bihar and it fits comfortably over the shoulder. I wore it over the shoulder with sweatshirt hoodies and a thin leather jacket and it's okay. I don't know about heavy winter coats though as I haven't wore a heavy coat with it yet.
  6. I'd have to go with the Bihar as well - the straps look long enough to fit over the shoulder and the size won't overwhelm you.
  7. I personally like the Shimia better, but I'm a sucker for big bags :smile: