Shilpa Shetty & Richard Gere, Indian Outrage Over Kiss

  1. By now you may have heard about the Kiss That Launched a Thousand Bonfires in India, when husband, father and human-rights activist Richard Gere put on a creepy public display of affection with Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty! PDA is largely taboo in India (in fact you'll almost never see an on-screen kiss in any of the Bollywood films), and the Hindus are protesting by burning effigies of Gere.
    Shetty, herself, has defended Gere's odd behavior, saying it was only meant to entertain the crowd. This isn't the first time Shetty's been in the midst of culture-clash - back in January, Shetty made headlines after being subjected to Big Brother housemate Jade Goody's racist rant!

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  4. Glad I don't live there.. that's all I have to say.

    Oh wait.. Janet's boob.. hrmmm...
  5. They say Shilpa defended Gere's kiss. So She's okay with it.
  6. There was a time when rock n' roll was considered evil. If the parties are ok with it and the environment adapts to it, it will just be a normal thing. I hope we never get used to things like "1 night in Paris though".
  7. Why doesn't he just eat a hamburger on stage...

    Don't these people do research on customs before they travel?
  8. That's so funny & TRUE!
  9. I Love Richard but I agree. Like they say...When in Rome do what the Romans do.. or stay at home. We should all be respectful of one another's customs and cultures--particularly when we are guest in their countries.

    However, I'm sure Richard meant no harm and probably didn't know he was being offensive....he should blame his personal
  11. funny they make such a big deal out of this, but what about Miss. Rai kissing ( yes, lip on lip) with another Indian actor in Doom II ( bollywood movie)...I didnt hear a big uproar about that. Although, in any case he should have respect for the country..nasty old man.
  12. He should have respect for cultures and customs.... Miss Rai's kiss was brief though, with Hrithik.
  13. I totally agree. The poor woman looks so uncomfortable...I would feel uncomfortable with someone doing that to me, and I'm American!!!!
  14. Mmmmm think it would take a lot to make Ms. Shetty feel unconfortable she is a very much in control person & this is more publicity for her, she will be happy. I don't like her at all!