Shiloh Spotted in India

  1. semi-smiling Shiloh Jolie Pitt, almost 5 months, was spotted with proud mommy Angelina Jolie in Pune, India earlier today. Angie looks so protective of her daughter… Team Baby Shiloh! Meanwhile, Angelina’s security officer, Mickey Brett, carried Zahara, almost 2.
    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly spent the last few days (since Wednesday) relaxing in Jaipur, India. The Hollywood couple have been filming A Mighty Heart in Pune for the past two weeks. But according to a senior city palace security official, Brad was in Jaipur to shoot an ad film and his cameramen had spent an hour and a half at the palace.
    In a recent feature with Brad by French magazine Cine Tele Revue:
    Babel… the title of the film references the Tower of Babel, which men built to reach heaven. You sometimes create your own Lego version with your kids, right? Yeah, that comes from me. I would like to see Maddox as an engineer or architect, but right now he seems more interested in tee ball (a variation on baseball).
    So you like Legos? Up to a certain point. There’s nothing worse that walking around barefoot in the middle of the night and stepping on a Lego that’s hiding in the carpet. It’s terrible. But what can you do? It’s one of the risks of being a dad.
    And speaking about houses, is it true that you’re thinking of leaving LA? We’re thinking of that, yes. LA is not really a place to raise kids. We might move to DC, but nothing is settled.
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  5. Shes sooo cute! :yes:
  6. Awww.... look at that face....:amuse::love:
  7. awww shes adorable...
  8. Angie is so freaking hot and her baby is gorgeous!
  9. Awwww! Shiloh is too cute!
  10. Syntagma: Are those your children? They are ADORABLE, BEAUTIFUL babies, so sweet looking. :smile:
  11. i think she's got mummys lips, so cute
  12. What an adorable baby! That's awesome for them!
  13. angelina looks gorgeous as usual and the baby is so cute!
    out of curosity what is she doing in India ?
  14. Yes, they are my angels. But seriously this photo is fooling you! They are not sweet. LOL
  15. angelina looks great and the baby is very cute!