shiloh pitt-jolie???

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  1. That is Shiloh. She wears alot of boys clothes hand-me-downs. I forget where but I saw a slideshow of pics side by side of Maddox or Pax wearing clothes and then Shiloh wearing the same clothes later.
  2. but i saw a recent pic of her w/ platinum blonde hair...did they dye it dark?
  3. I like Angie & Mad is my favorite of the kids. But she really needs to stop dressing Shiloh like a boy.. She never wears anything girlie or dresses.
  4. that's shiloh.. her hair isn't dark..
  5. she looks very boyish. they do need to dress her more like a girl. they have enough money to buy her nice clothes
  6. they buy her nice clothes, they just aren't super girly.
    it seems like they just let her dress how she wants which is nice.
  7. Hi!
    This is a Celeb STYLE forum, we already have lots of pics and are discussing this family in our Celebrity Forum if you'll try a search. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.