Shilling pisses me off!

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  1. So Im watching something I really want. Surprisingly the current bid was really low and only a couple of hours left! Cool, right? I tend to bid within the last minute on things LOL!!!

    Well, all of a sudden the current bid shoots up a lot!!!

    I look at the history and there is CLEARLY some shilling going on!!!!

    there are 2 IDs that are new as of yesterday and today and they are making the bids go up and up and up.

    Now amongst those 2 new IDs are regular people. But its the 2 new IDs (the shillers) that are making the bid rise fast!

    PISSES ME OFF:cursing:

    I reported it to eBay because its so obvious. But I doubt they will do anything.

    So, I guess this is just a vent :sad::crybaby:
  2. Yes it does suck. Time and time again I see this.
  3. That really sucks.
  4. Me too!
  5. That SUCKS! Sorry bout that!
  6. I usually only do auctions with BIN's I can hardly stand waiting for the auctions to end!
  7. I had shill bidding occur on a bag I was trying to win. I finally just backed away, not wanting to be a part of such weirdness.

    Another bag will always come along.
  8. Yes, it's so obnoxious!!
  9. I hate when that happens too! :sad:
  10. :push::blah: but fortunately, you didn't win it, you'll feel they cheat you if you pay higher than normally by there's shill bidding there.
  11. Well, I never did bid. I just watched it. And of course, eBay did nothing. It was so obvious!

    Hopefully the bag will come along again!
  12. I have had that happen a couple of times and it always annoys me. eBay never seems to catch on.
  13. I hate it too (then again, I don't suppose anyone is going to say they love it!), but I do tend to have a tiny voice that says if this is the sort of seller who colludes with shill bidding, I've had a lucky escape - works for me anyway!
  14. When I notice a lot of 0 feedback bidders on an item I like, I steer clear; shill bidding without a doubt. I mean I could understand 1 0 feedback (we all have to start somewhere), but 2 or 3? Forget it!!
  15. Shillers suck! I hate the fact that Ebay is helping them get away with their crookedness by allowing them to hide behind "Buyer 1" and "Buyer 2" after a certain amount!