Shill Bidding

  1. So I have been bidding on a few high end items and I noticed that on more than one auction I was bidding against someone with no feedback and their eBay ID contained two letters separated by three stars (hypothetical example: v***v). At first I thought it was a coincidence, but now on the third auction I am a bit suspicious. Has anyone noticed anything like this?
  2. Yes, I have noticed that too. Whats up?!:confused1:

  3. Please see this... :smile:

  4. The **'s are blocking out the bidders id's. I believe they call it a private auction, where the bidders name is private. I think if the auction doesn't reach $200 then the id's will show but I am not sure.

    I am not a fan of them because of shill bidding.
  5. Okay, weird... I just put one of the ids into eBay's community search, and nothing came up! No match found!?! This is really strange:wtf:

  6. Ohhhhh:push:
    Thanks for your post! I had no idea. I feel much better now. I love this forum!
  7. LOL i posted a topic on the eBay boards about this, thinking it was bag resellers stealing all the good deals! I turned 30 shades of red after i realized what it really was...
  8. Oh man....I am SOOOOO stupid. Luckily I check here I would have been majorly screwed!!!!!!!:wtf:

    Thank-you to those who took the time to respond, much appreciated. :heart::heart::heart::heart: