Shill bidding?

  1. I was watching two auctions for the same item. The auctions ended about a half hour apart. I noticed that both sellers are from the same town...then realize both auctions have the same pictures. I checked the bidding history...seller # 1 had bid on seller #2's bag...seller #2 had bid on seller #1's bag. They were selling the exact same bag, something that has been reported as being frequently in the outlets lately.:tdown:

  2. Report the auctions. Wow, those ladies might be some of the dumbest sellers on eBay. LOL At least use different pictures, change the item location, sell them at different times...something other than what they did. Sorry that you didn't get the bag, but I'm sure there will be more. :yes:
  3. Do they do this to get the bids up on their own items?
  4. Looks fishy to me! Did you report it? That's just wrong! So it looks like one person is using 3 eBay IDs... unbelievable!
  5. So obvious!!! Definitely will report them!
  6. maybe friends or husband/wife team anyway that is just wrong!!
  7. It is called shill bidding. If you look at each of the ID's bidding history, all 3 of the ID's bid on each other's items all the time. It is to increase the prices on their items. Very, very wrong...
  8. That looks Shady I would report that
  9. that's one of the most obvious examples of shilling
    when people bid on each others stuff

    people get a little paranoid about shilling, just because 88% or whatever is on one persons auctions doesn't mean it's shilling, it could mean they've placed 10 bids on that one item and one bid on another sellers item, but in this case I definitely think you're right, Report report report
  10. LMFAO!!!!! Some sellers are so stupid!! I mean if you're gonna be a crook you've at least got to be good at it!!!! Report the suckers!! :rolleyes:
  11. Most blatant and stupid shilling I have ever seen, wow. And they probably don't even know what they are doing is not allowed.
  12. Ugh, report them all.

  13. I've seen this before with the LV LE bag - sucks though noone does anything about them!