Shill Bidding Seller has Two id, Drive up the price.

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  1. i placed the bid on one item on eBay but didn't win
    however, after the auction ended, i got the second chance offer immediately.
    i checked the history of the winner, it seems like the winner has a lot of
    feedback with the seller before. but the item that they have with each other are so mixing up.
    you can check it, it's impossible that one buyer will buy a lot of stuff in
    different catagories from one seller.
    so, i'm strongly believe that the bidder and seller are the same person
    please be careful!
    if you click on all of her item, you will see that the highest bidder is the same one. VERY IMPOSSIBLE!!
    i did report eBay still Sat, they do nothing with her

    eBay Seller: mallory7058: Women's Accessories, Handbags, Women's Clothing items on

    Item number(s): 110094318848
  2. Hi,

    If you suspect shill bidding, you should turn it into safe harbor @ eBay.
  3. I see what you're referring too. Definently report to ebay!
  4. the second chance offer immediately after the auction ends is always a dead give away.
  5. I actually do this often when I have two of the same item and I got a good price for it. Oh well.
  6. Definitely looks suspicious!
  7. Report them to eBay if you suspicious them. eBay will suspended shill bidding. Provide eBay your proof.
  8. I did report to eBay many times but nothing happen to the seller and now she still drive up all the price of her items. Can someone help me report her please??
  9. Thanks for the heads up! It does look like buyer egumma123 wins all her higher end auctions. And I've noticed that she's relisted some of the auctions that ended with this buyer. I'll report it too.
  10. That's the samething I think!
  11. If you click on Community and look up egumma123 she's in MI too, what a coincidence!
    It absolutely looks like shill bidding and done so blatantly too...
    Surely they'll suspend her indefinitely??
  12. It couldn't be more obvious. The buyer is bidding on pretty much everything the seller is currently auctioning! Does she think people are blind??? :wacko:
  13. Not necessarily. Some sellers have two of the same item and rather than go through the auctioning process again they might be willing to offer it to the next highest bidder. It's worth going through the seller's selling history before making this call.
  14. To report, at the bottom of the auction there's a link that says "report this item." On the next page, select "fraudulent listing" and for the subcategory choose "seller is using other accounts..." and then on the next page that comes up, click on e-mail us, and it will have something you can fill out. The item number will already be there.
  15. It can take several days for eBay to review the bidding on suspected shilled auctions. The most recent time I reported shill bidding was for one guy in CA who had FOUR shill identities that I could confidently identify. His selling identity and three of the shill identities were NARU'd after about six days, but one is still active! It also took my own reporting and that of another eBay seller to have this guy researched and NARU'd. I became aware of the other seller through follow-up feedback she left after this idiot filed PayPal disputes against me, her and another seller, trying to get refunds on items he had received weeks before and for which he had left very glowing feedback. In my case he had not only received the item, but he had turned around and RESOLD the item with a photo and text he copied from our auction!!! I reported him for that, too.

    Anyway, it takes time. Thanks for reporting the suspected shilling, though! Every little bit helps.