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    My mistake. I generalized and that was wrong (now I’m in for it); I’ll have to apologise to eBay, sort of. I was watching an item on the below seller; it finished and did not appear in the "Completed listings".

    Current (31 more items finishing today) :

    Completed (16 items):

    These are BIN/BO items; it is apparently the case that if unsold they simply roll over and start again and never show as unsold; they only appear in the completed list if and when they are sold, it seems.
  2. That's ok. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when one is looking for something specific.

    And it's a good lesson that one shouldn't believe everyone someone says just because they share the same opinion about something.
  3. Thanks for clearing this up, Philip. You are ever the watchdog, and I for one do appreciate it.
  4. I have not seen a seller-elected "private listing" for a while; here is one for a piece of flat art; we certainly have absolutely no way of analyzing anything about the bidders; therefore, what other purpose can this "private listing" serve other than to obscure shill bidding?

    Maybe Corri could make some use of this special seller-selected, eBay shill bidding device ...

    But, you really do have to wonder what was in the mind of the turkeys at eBay when they introduced this outrageously opaque device for unscrupulous sellers. Fortunately, only the most brazen choose to use it. But, never fear, if they are using such device to obscure shill bidding, eBay's “sophisticated” and “proactive” systems will detect it—LOL
  5. That is one scary auction with everyone private. You have absolutely no idea if you are bidding against shill bidders or not. I really hope this kind of auction doesn't become popular; and one would wonder what they are trying to hide; it's not as if it's something illicit or such.
  6. Bear in mind that the bidding IDs are private not at the choice of the bidders but at the choice of the seller; this outrageous seller-selected opacity has been around since before bidding IDs were further anonymised and was supposedly introduced for sellers of porn and the like so that anyone buying from them could not be identified; at least that's what eBay supposedly said at the time—LOL. Of course, I believe absolutely nothing that eBay says, at any time. I always say to myself, what's the real reason? Where is the benefit to eBay?
  7. That's why I see this as so scary; this is bidding on art, not anything such as porn. Very scary indeed if this is adopted more often by regular auctions for things other than "private" items.
  8. Sellers don't choose it as a benefit to eBay but to their customers. And it's been a preferred way of doing things in various categories, with no ill intentions. Some sellers and buyers would rather not expose their bidding to competitors or others who could care about their purchases.

    Not everything is done for a nefarious reason, and not every seller has a clue that others see their practices as nefarious.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me if EBay eventually makes all of them private. Then, no need for the hidden bidder IDs.
  10. Unless I am missing something, bidding IDs are already utterly anonymous ...

    Are you seriously suggesting that this form of seller-selected "private" bidding, where there is no way to ascertain if a bidder is bidding on every auction of a particular seller (indicating obvious shill bidding), is appropriate?

    Regardless, I disagree, eBay does nothing without there being a benefit to them.
  11. 1. Re the anonymization versus private identity: not so "utterly." It is still possible to click on a bidder and notice the feedback number and put two and two together to guess an identity when you've been following fellow bidders for a long time. I do this easily in a certain area of collecting.

    2. Can you see that it is the seller, not eBay, who creates listings with protected identities? And therefore it is the seller doing something for their own reason, not eBay doing it?

    3. Yes, there are sellers of high-end items who have always listed with private bidders. See the Hermes forum.
  12. And you have bid on one of these "private" auctions? If so, you are a very trusting person.

    The seller-selected "private" auction serves no other purpose other than to utterly obscure shill bidding; if you think otherwise then, by all means you should continue buying via such auctions ...
  13. ^ I have to disagree here.. for certain high end items many buyers do prefer being
    private be it Hermes or something else... and yes, in the past have purchased from
    "private auctions" familiar enough to have known what I was buying & the
    price that should have been paid for such an item...
  14. ^^i'm afraid they got you there Mr.Cohen, I prefer to bid privately especially on high end luxury items. It's not a one size fits all scenario that you seem to be trying to convince everyone of.
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    I'm sorry, but I don't think that they have "got" me. Any genuine bidder that bids on and wins such a "private" auction is undoubtedly the one being "got".

    Regardless, is anyone actually saying that they have contacted a seller and told them that they prefer to bid on "private" auctions, or are these "private" auctions that you have bid on simply at the instigation of the seller? If it is at the instigation only of the seller, I have no doubt that, on the balance of probability, you are paying more than you would otherwise, even if you have paid no more than you were prepared to pay.
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