?Shill bidding on ebay?

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  1. Can anything actually be done about shill bidding on ebay? This particular seller has all the same bidders and all the same bidders win all the same auctions at exactly the same time. This really burns me up. The only reason I care is I was bidding on something here (an antique pin) a while back, and it went up and up and up; I realized the "bidder" who had won countless numbers of their auction was the "winner." Do you think they have several ebay accounts and set them at certain amounts to automatically "bid" just so they won't have to sell at reasonable price to us real bidders. I reported it when it happened, but ebay said nothing could be proved.:cursing:
    Here is the seller:
  2. I don't understand. I don't see anything wrong here.
  3. I'm confused too. I looked at the feedback profile and it seems like alot of their buyers buy multiple items at a time, but at that price if it were shill bidding then the seller would be out thousands of final value fees. I think they just have a lot of returning customers.
  4. Call me crazy but I am still convinced it is shill bidding.
  5. i am a little confused myself.:confused1:

    i thought that shill bidding was like when i was looking at a bag and it started at $0.99 and then the first bid was $25.00 and then $30.00 and then $50.00 - all by the same one - and ONLY - bidder! they bid a total of 8 times with no other bids by anyone but jacked the price up so high when the bag was not worth all that money!
  6. I see what you mean, there are multiple repeat customers. However, I personally wouldn't think shill bidding because these are not a bunch of 0 and 1 feedback new accounts. In this case I think it is more of repeat customers from good items than a shady transaction.
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    Yes that would definitely be taking the high road here. But what a very large bunch of "repeat customers" -- how shady is that ? (esp since it looks like the same items show up again and again after they have been "sold")?? Maybe I am wrong in calling it shill bidding. I think they just have many accounts and they set a price as highest bid and if other (real) bidders don't reach that amount, their "customers" (i.e their other accounts or friends/cohorts or whoever) are the "winners."
  8. Holy crap! Those people sell hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of jewelry each day. They're doing well... Anyway, I see a lot of items and many repeat customers, that's it. Based on their auctions, they buy at wholesale prices and sell to many sellers, as well as end users. I don't see anything suspicious here...
  9. OK I guess am in a:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:minority of one here!!

  10. I agree with Karmen 100%..Plus Ebay can detect shilling when they use the same IP address from there different accounts, so Ebay's system picks it up ASAP!!! Thats if they use the same IP address on there computer
  11. Yes, but then why would they want to "win" the auction. If they cancelled too many of these in order to avoid paying a FVF then eBay would catch on.

    It would look more suspicious if you were bidding on an item and someone with low feedback kept bidding on multiple auctions to raise the selling price. But even then, they could just be trying to get the item for a particular cost and are trying their luck on several auctions.
  12. I have bought about 300+ items from the same seller, so that name will appear repeatedly on my feedback as well as my name on hers. I don´t think there is anything shady here,

  13. I once worked at an office that used a #bay company to sell the used electronics etc. The boss wasn't happy with the price this recordable dvd player was going for so he bid on it himself to try and up the bidding. I was so wishing he had won the d*am thing and been forced to pay, unfortunately someone outbid him in the end.

    I have bid on items by the same seller before, specifically local history items. I get to know the bidders of these auctions and see them bidding all the time. I think it might just be return bidders is all. Once they find a good dealer why risk an unknown one?
  14. When I buy on *bay, which is infrequently, I admit, I only buy from the same two or three sellers, so I'm a repeat customers. I don't think that's terribly strange given how hard it is to find a decent seller for luxury goods on *bay. Once I find someone I'm comfortable with, I stick with them. No shill bidding involved :smile:
  15. Now this looks like shill bidding to me. There are almost NO pictures and 28 bids? You can't even see the handles. Sellers other LV bag has 1 stolen picture and 9 bids. I think the Versace in the feedback was fake too. Looks shady to me.


    ETA: Actually, it is probably fake (states its new, the one photographed is def used), pictures were stolen, and its shill bidding. WTF? Why are people like this allowed to sell?

    HEre is the other auction