Shill bidding, help me report! UGHH!

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  1. ^^ maybe you could block the bidder so they cannot bid on your auctions anymore?

  2. This is what I was going to mention. Blocking them would have kept them from bidding on your auction the 2nd time. Sorry you're having a tough time with that bidder, I hope it all gets worked out quickly.
  3. ^ yes thank you! how do i do that?
  4. It's in the privacy settings CG. You can actually search it in the help thread of ebay, and it'll help you out.

    I had to block a bidder a year or so ago for similar stuff..

    On a side note, IMHO, it's never kind to call out a seller on a public forum. That stuff should be done in private.


    Hope there's a resolution soon!
  5. ^ i just researched it in the ebay search. I did it. I didnt know you could do that. Thanks for the help.

    Oh thank you Misselizabeth. I really really appreciate it. :flowers:

    This was a total misunderstanding, sadly. Im hoping this will fix my problem now.
  6. Np.

    Hopefully this will fix it for you :flowers:
  7. #52 Oct 12, 2010
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    ACTUALLY. ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION IS WRONG! The bidding on these was cancelled because i got a BIN offer from this seller: "omifeenstra" As you would be able to see if you were watching the bidding....she was one bid below the H**** bidder and she emailed me and asked for a BIN and i said yes. Why would i cancel my own auction when there was still 3 days left if i didnt get a BIN offer?
    If you would like to search this buyer and ASK GO RIGHT ahead.

    AND who is my friend from Canada? So because my auction was from canada that means that ANY CANADIAN that bids on my items is automatically my friend? CANADA is not that small. (and i have a PO box in the states for those of you that think its weird that i have a canadian and US addy.

    Please know your information without just assuming and then telling people that what your saying is truthful.

    When exactly was i outed on the Authentication thread??? All my Cl's have been bought from boutiques and are ALL authentic????!!!! Please show me where i was OUTED?
  8. Glad to see you showed up to defend yourself, CG.

    As a few members mentioned in another thread, it is never a good idea to call someone out in public on a forum, OP. If you feel that shill bidding or anything else that is against eBay's policies is occurring, report it directly to eBay. Do not seek to tarnish the reputation of a forum member simply because you suspect something.
  9. #54 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010

    Goes back to that old saying about assumptions....

    Lets not forget why we're on Tpf ladies

  10. Thank you Jenaya :flowers: I appreciate it.
  11. :hugs:
  12. The fact that this buyer has 100% bids with you is very suspicious, and if they bought an item from you and paid for it why is there no feedback, so I understand why the OP felt there was shill bidding going on--regardless if you are claiming that they are bidding against your will, then I'll believe you as I've always respected you on the CL forum and want to expect good. I'm personally glad you came and posted to clear the air. Hopefully blocking the bidder will fix the problem.

    Not sure where you are getting your info from, but if you read the OP's original post you'd realize she didn't even know the seller was a tPF'er until someone brought it to her attention.

    I don't see how this is any different than our "Post ebay IDs of non-paying bidders" or "Report these fakes" which list sellers name. The only thing different in this case is the seller happened to be a tPF'er. All OP was trying to do is help others make an informed decision on items they bid on where shill bidding may be occuring.

    If you don't like to read such information, perhaps move on to the next thread? I personally would like to know if another tPF'er finds something suspicious on an item I may or may not want to bid on-whether it's from a tPF'er or not and then be given the chance to make the decision on my own.
  13. Good time to close this one.
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