Shill bidding, help me report! UGHH!

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  1. Nice detective work as usual ladies :P
  2. I thought she was outed on the CL Authentication thread?

    Yep, that looks like shill bidding. And again, goes back to what I said before: if this had been a genuine newbie bidder, why wouldn't the seller block her after two wins with no payment? So sad that this is happening. Really dis-enchanting.
  3. I didn't realize that...I'm not big on CLs...yet:graucho:. And I don't spend much time on the authentication threads...But I may have to take a trip over there to see...curiosity usually gets the best of me. :biggrin:
  4. This sure looks to be shill bidding. I agree with a couple of previous posters in that I just move on and don't bid on the item-even if I have my heart set on it. Particularly with the state of our economy, watching all my pennies and where they go!
  5. Do you think she was trying to establish a BIN price? I noticed on the first auction, they were auction style with a low starting price and here they are BIN at a price 500$ above the final auction price.
  6. ^^Hmm, doesn't look like a buy it now. Looks like the new one is auction style starting at $500 above the first auction's ending price.
  7. I find it annoying that she is a "established" member here but she still hasn't addressed this?
  8. May I ask what shill bidding is? :smile:
  9. Here's a definition from eBay:

    "Shill bidding happens when anyone bids on an item in order to artificially increase its price or desirability. Shill bidding also happens when someone a seller knows bids on the seller's item. This includes family members, friends (including online friends), roommates, or employees"
  10. Ohhh I seeee! Even I knew that was wrong, just didn't know the term for it. :P

    I hope this member apologizes or clears anything up.
  11. I wish this member had their account at Ebay canceled. It's morally and legally WRONG. :sad:
  12. Thank you Crazzee for defending me.

    LADIES: I believe you are talking about me? Is this correct?

    If so i would like to clarify. This is not shill bidding. (Altho i dont know what exactly it is, im not stupid as to guess what it means)
    ALtho it is No Ones business....... I have been having problems with this bidder. And have already reported them myself to ebay. This H*** has bid on many of my shoes and then in one instance paid for them right away when they won and in the other 2 could not pay in time for the 48 hour dead line. Instead of messaging me prior to the end of auctions to ask if they could work out a payment plan they just thought i would be ok with it after they won. Which i was not ok with. I warned this bidder not to bid on my items if they cannot pay within the time allotted and they will not stop. So after the SECOND time this has happened i informed ebay and they told me they would deal with it. I've been dealing with this issue myself on ebay and hate to have to come here to the place i ENJOY coming to most and have to explain or defend the situation to you ladies.

    If anyone has any further questions i think it would be more respectful and considerate to message me personally instead of create a thread on assumptions.

    Thank you.
  13. I dont search for "threads" like this. I come here to enjoy myself in the CL section so thats why i have never even seen this thread until now. Where you trying to bid on one of my items and didnt win and now your upset about it? It would have been nice if you messaged me about this instead.
  14. WOW this is so discouraging to see on TPF. I feel very hurt.
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