Shill bidding, help me report! UGHH!

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  1. It appears that if you go to the bid history from the original auction and click on the winner's info, that it is the same person bidding on the new auction.
  2. Respected TPFer or not, she's an obvious shiller. She even has a negative feedback for not shipping an item when the auction didn't go for as high as she wanted. :nono:
  3. I guess we all have different criteria for what constitutes respect worthiness.

    Ebay has been running free auction listing promotions for quite a while now. Why not just start the auction at or around the price you want if you have an aversion to using a reserve?
  4. ^^ I agree. This is clear shill bidding, which is not only against Ebay rules, it's also against the law in most states.

    I don't respect sellers with no morals. They may be a poster on this site, it doesn't mean they're respected.
  5. After taking a close look, I agree that this is a pretty clear example of shill bidding as well. Shill bidding is wrong. PERIOD.
  6. Clearly shill bidding, IMO. And no excuses for that. I don't care if she is a TPFer or not...there is no reason to shill bid. Her feedback was kind of suspicious too. Just goes to show---even if someone is a TPFer, it doesn't mean you can automatically trust them!
  7. Wow! Don't like shill bidding. I had a few conversations with this seller back when she had a bal bag for sale on ebay and she seemed pretty nice.
    She did offer to sell it to me off site. I didn't buy it.
  8. I find the very idea of shill bidding to be appalling. If you want to sell it at a certain price, put a reserve on it. Or BIN it. Or sell it through a consignment shop. It's really hard to prove it definitively, but if I even suspect it, then I won't bid on the item.

    And I have to say, while it's true that newbie bidders often don't realize how to bid on ebay and nibble the price up, it is provocative that this newbie seems to only be bidding on this seller. For instance, if she won the Bal Bag and the CL flats and for whatever reason, didn't go through with both transactions, wouldn't the seller put her on her blocked bidder list?
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    Yes, that's her friend - located in BC Canada (same location as the seller) that won a pair of shoes that were relisted from a previous win:

    I see that the other "friend" who was also in BC who bid on a lot of auctions, the italian shopaholic, was already shut down.

    BTW, why is this seller registered in the US when the items are listed as being in Canada and the seller IS in Canada? Weird.

    These were won by the friend (above), and were then relisted:

    As you can see, that auction was cancelled by the seller after she cancelled all bids. Because her friend was going to be the high bidder, again.

    Sold July 27th, won by the friend and then relisted.
  10. If this seller is a "respected TPFer" as said previously, wouldn't she have seen this thread by now, figured out that she was busted, and stopped the shilling before she got NARUd by ebay. If she pushes it too far she will get knocked off ebay and really hurt her reputation on here (though I don't think her name on here has been outed). If she's smart she will stop now before it gets any messier.
  11. ugh...i feel duped.
  12. I didn't mean to call anyone out, it was not my intention. Thanks for the support ladies!
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