Shill bidding, help me report! UGHH!

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  1. I hate when sellers do this and it is so obvious too!

    Notice that h*** with 1 feedback is always hiking up the price?

    and for this auction too

    Also, the flats were won by h*** before too!

    How do I report her to eBay? I hate shill bidders =(
  2. you can report by clicking on Report Item, then choose 'Fraudulent Listings' (for Reason For Report), then choose 'Seller is using other accounts...' from the the Detailed Reason can include multiple item numbers in a single report (IOW, item numbers for all 3 listings vs. submitting multiple reports).
  3. Great, thank you!
  4. off topic question...are they really that badly sole'd that 5 times of wear would rub off so much of the red?
  5. I have a feeling the neg she received was because the shoes went for so cheap. No bueno. Also, this "H" character has 100% of their bids going towards this seller.

    ETA: The heel of the CL's my sister wore in her wedding broke half-way through the ceremony. I bought them new for her as part of her wedding gift and was quite embarrassed at the shoddy quality.
  6. oh no, those are so expensive!
  7. Horrible! Can't believe she didn't get banned yet
  8. I would also call ebay to report it with your evidence. I did that before with an obvious shiller after report for three week. They were NARU'd shortly after I called.
  9. Ladies! This seller is a highly respected tpfer on CL subforum. Please don't jump to conclusions.
  10. I may just be clueless as to how to spot potential shill bidding, but to my eye, this could just be a beginning eBayer. Seems to me that the beginners very often bid up in small increments.

    Hate hearing about those quality issues with CLs - yipes!
  11. OMG-----those stars!!!! :faint:
  12. I don't know this seller, but I've seen other very respected tPFers use shill bidding. I think that some folks just don't see the harm in it.
  13. :thinking:It doesn't make sense that h*** won the same shoes and is now bidding on them again, right? Am I missing something?
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  15. ^The anonymous name thingy with the h*** is in fact randomly chosen for privacy issues.
Thread Status:
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