Shill bidders on ebay- beware!

  1. Now that eBay hides bidders names, I think the shill bidders are having a field day. I was watching two chloe bags and the top bidder has zero feedback and is bidding on items from the same seller.

    I guess they don't care if stuff like that goes on as long as eBay makes more $$$$

  2. Well that is kinda true. BUt they do suspend you if they see alot of that on your auctions.
  3. Well, I guess Im not bidding on enough high end stuff LOL! I never see "bidder1, etc" I see the bidders eBay identity.

    And I still see a ton of shilling going on. Its always on stuff that I want, and pass it due to the obvious shilling. Grr!
  4. Yes. This is a very popular trick used by many sellers. The most famous one is moda-da aka paparazzi-girl.

    For eBay, they don't care, as long as the price reaches high so they can collect fees. Now they even put more privacy protection, such as Bidder1, Bidder2 & etc on high price items. Other bidders would not be able to tell who they are competing with. Thus makes shill bidding much easier. I even saw sellers used zero feedback ids to build up their feedbacks when they were selling fake items so they could cheat later.
  5. Another one to watch for that is a seller called kastler
  6. And check this one out:

    Bidder Information
    Bidder: Bidder 3
    Feedback: Zero • 0% Positive
    Registered on eBay: 90 days or less
    30-Day Summary
    Total bids: 10
    Items bid on: 9
    Bid activity (%) with this seller: 40%

    hmmm now that's interesting.

  7. Yup... Very interesting. 40% with this seller???
  8. yes... I'm glad I didn't big on this guys auctions.
  9. Looks like this seller got this bag from NM discounted sale and are trying to make some profit. How could they sleep well after doing this?

    I also looked up seller kastler. She and moda-da/paparazzi-girl are so much like twins!
  10. but 40% wouldn't be that high if she's only bidding on a few items
  11. i second that! she's notorious! Her items always pop up again and again because of a "non-paying bidder".
  12. I agree that shill bidding is a huge problem, I am certain it happened me on an item that i bought for my daughter as I later saw evidence of shilling on the sellers auctions. However, i just want to say that I have a few buyers who will only buy from me as they trust me. One lady has bought several of my items & has no other feedback so if she bids again then it would really look like shill bidding as her activity has been 100% with me. There are so few honest sellers on ebay at the minute that buyers are tending to return more & more to people that they can trust kwim?
  13. I know what you mean- it's just the zero feedback bidders (who never win an auction) that make me curious.
  14. this happens to me a lot too, I have several repeat customers

    It's not always Shilling!