Shill bidder!

  1. If the winning bidder of this auction is a tpf member please can someone contact them to say they have been shill bidded! I dont want them to pay then the seller get kicked off because they have been reported!

    shill bidder is 83tracy50 seller is 8350katie

    shill bidder has featured on all of the sellers auctions form this week and past looking at her feedback.

    also if you get chance please report!
  2. Ooh, will report them :yucky:
  3. Thanks!

    I had been watching the bag all week and would have paid around that price for it- then i noticed the shill bidder and didnt bid out of principle!!

    Why dont sellers just set a reserve!
  4. ^I guess they are hoping to attract more bidders with no reserve or do not want to pay the reserve fee. :cursing:
  5. What's a shill bidder?
  6. ^Someone that has another id to bid on their own auctions, so they can get a higher price.
  7. :boxing:Reported :boxing:
  8. Thanks
  9. Looks like her shill bidder won one of her auctions... Obviously she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer either. Some of her other auctions were private, so she was probably shilling on those too.
  10. The shill bidder also has 4 feedbacks all from her!
  11. I know i saw- note she has only left one for the seller though!

    And why would you make the usernames so obvious-8350
  12. Now, that stinks....nothing is sacred on eBay :shame:
  13. What's also dumb is that if she leaves feedback on her shill account, it only counts as one feedback on her score because it's from the same person. What an idiot!
  14. Her first item sold was on the 17th Oct the same day the shill bidder registered! What a coincidence! (did i spell that right)
  15. Crooks! So frustrating because nothing ever really happens to them. They can just open another eBay ID.