Shih Tzus

  1. If you hate fles and ticks buy FRONTLINE spot on and put on your dog.
  2. I have 3 shih-tzu! Maggie 12 ( she has liver cancer and I am just waiting for H to realize she has to be put to sleep) (vet has concurred) Snuggles is 10 and the new baby Hooper who is 3 months!
  3. Awwww so sorry to hear about ur dog!!!! U are in my prayers i know its very hard but post pictures so she can always be remembered!!!!:smile:
  4. This is the most recent picture of brazil
  5. Muggles, I am SO SORRY to hear about that.

    I lost 3 shih tzu this year and I am devestated still!
  6. [​IMG]

    SORRY HERE IS THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!:smile:
  7. I want to bump this thread. Here's my Rooney Pooney Schmooney.

    He will be seven months next week. I love him so much!
    Rooney Pooney2.jpg
  8. awwww sooooo cute:smile:
  9. This is such a great thread! Here is my baby:biggrin:
  10. Here is my Mom's best buddy, Teek! We got him as an orphaned pup who had been bottle fed. His mother drowned in a swimming pool when he was very tiny. :sad: He was a present for my Dad, who had had several small strokes, and was suffering from some depression. Being a retired airline pilot, he named him TCAS (short for Terrain Collision Avoidance System, pronounced "Tee-Cass") so we called him Teek for short. He was curled up by my Dad's side constantly in his final days when he was bedridden and unresponsive, and after Dad passed, he became my Mom's shadow. He's had some allergy issues and cost Mom a bunch of vet bills and is on special hypoallergenic food, but we love him dearly anyways!
  11. ^^^^Awwwww So cute!!! Sorry I am so late posting!!!

    Are there any other Shihtzu owners on here now???

    Brazil is soooooooo big now I will have to post pics later=)
  12. [​IMG]

    This is my Louis, he is 3 years old and is the sweetest dog I've ever seen.
  13. My friend has a tiny tiny little girl - she's under 10 lbs and so sweet. I love when she comes to visit.
  14. Mine weighs about 7-8 lbs. My grandma had a girl that was black and white like mine but she weighed about 13 pounds. The grooming can be a pain but they do make great pets.
  15. do halfers count? lol... I need to upload some more current pics... this is our
    Shih-Tzu / Poodle.. named Miso... and what I came home too...

    wow.. sorry for the size!