Shih Tzus

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  1. Who else ones one or more? I love them! So adorable! I have a baby girl named Zsa Zsa. I'll post pics soon. :heart:
  2. I have a shih tzu - yorkie mix.... she is very very cute. She doesn't have an under bite like the shih tzu but she looks like one but with the yorkie colouring.
  3. I'd like to see a pic of your baby! They are GREAT dogs!
  4. My friend has one, and he is ADORABLE!! I love shih tzus!
  5. Love shih tzus! I hope to get one in the future!
  6. I love them! I just can't keep smallish dogs cos my baby boy is so aggressive. Shih Tzus are cute!
  7. I have a Shih tzu. Shes a stubborn little booger!
  8. i have a shihtzu! i love her to pieces :smile:
  9. i have a fuzzy fuzzy shihtzu!!! here she is, her name is Chili. She is the fuzziest dog ever. this is a pic of her after she came back from the groomers. now she looks like a fuzz ball! well, she's going back to the groomers again this saturday. we bring her about ever 3 months.
    anybody who has a pic of their shih tzu, post :smile:
  10. awww, how cute. please post more pics! I don't thave one but I think they are so adorable. I know someone who has three of them.
  11. ^^ thanks :smile: i decided to take post another pic of Chili. she just came back from the groomers today. they gave her a cute little bandana! it shows as a bow in the front
  12. I have a Shih-Tzu/Lhaso mix Shes the greatest:love:
  13. I have a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise...they are adorable, and best pals. Shih Tzus are definitely stubborn! And she is afraid of thunderstorms...she climbs into bed and positions herself between my pillow and headboard.
  14. I love Shih Tzus! They act all tough and imperialistic but they jump under covers the minute anything scary happens.

    I adore Bishons. Does your do that cute Bishon thing where they put their front paws together and makes forward diving motions with her paws when she is happy? Soooo cute!
  15. oh my. i LOVE Shih Tzus!!!! Here are my 2 babies - Nina and Nicholas :heart::heart::heart: