Shih Tzu puppies (pure and mixed) in need of homes

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  1. I got this email from a local rescue group. If anyone can help, please contact the group. The puppies are adorable!

    Hi everyone,

    There was a liter of Shih tzu pups about 12 weeks (some look purebred and some look like mix) surrendered to Texas Animal Control yesterday. We told AC we could take half the liter, they still cant place the other half of the liter. If we can get some help fostering one or two pups we can save the whole liter from going to the shelter. Does anybody have any interest in fostering or adopting a Shih tzu or Shih tzu mix pup? Or would anybody like to donate some puppy food? They are all males. I will be posting photos on the website TOMORROW. They are getting puppy vaccinations and deworming today.


    Amanda Clayton- The Poodle Patch & Friends
    Standard Poodle (and non poodle)Rescue Texarkana, TX
  2. I would love one, too bad I'm in California.
  3. Thanks for the thought. I saw them on Friday and they are simply adorable! I can't take one since my hubby has declared that I am at my maximum for dogs. I am afraid that they will end up at the local shelter, which is a kill shelter.
  4. Oh how sad :sad:

    I'm in Texas, but I already have 4 dogs, all bullies, and my husband would snap if I got another dog. However, I will pass this onto my friends and see if anyone is interested.
  5. I have a shih tzu right now and they are great dogs. I would love another one but I live in PA. It breaks my heart if no one adopts them all and might be put down then.
  6. Thank you for spreading the word. Too bad I live in AZ :sad:. I hope that they all find homes. :smile:
  7. wish iam in yr area to adpot them
  8. Just wanted to chime in and say that if anyone is seriously interested then they should consider having a puppy flown/shipped to them. You can google animal taxis and/or see airport rates for pets. I don't know how old the dogs have to be, but my puppy was flown here from Missouri and everything was fine.