Shih tzu or Pug..Cant Decide..Help!!

  1. Hi all,

    I plan on getting a dog in about a month or two. I've narrowed my choices down to two breeds, Shih Tzu or Pug and I just can't seem to decide because they are bothh soo darn cute...Right now I have one shih tzu and want another dog, but not sure which one, anyone have a suggestion as to which one I should go with?
  2. oh my god!! i too am in the exact same situation.. i have a ****szu x maltese and my SO wants a pug but i dont know much about pugs so am undecided

    ( haha sorry i know im not helping)
  3. hehe its okay...its just soo hard to make up my mind. one minute i'mlike oky i'll get a shih tzu since I already have one and all and they don't shed. The next min. I'm like okay i'll get the pug its soo cute, and I'll have two diff. breeds... ughh ;( I have some time though hopefully I make my mind up. My BF wants a boxer and I don't think we'll go that route though
  4. I vote for the pug ..omg! they are sooo cute!
  5. Check out for a ton of Pug info, there is a forum there as well where you can ask questions. I have pugs and LOVE them, but they are not for everyone or for everyone's lifestyle! Check out Pug Village, it is fun to look at all the posts with pics. Good luck in your decision!
  6. I vote for a pug. The ****z are to hairy for my liking.
  7. My friend has a pug.. but she told me they shed like crazy... I love pugs too..

    Before I got my poodle.. I also want to get a pug.. but my bf is allergic to animal hair.. so I decide to get a poodle instead
  8. I had narrowed my choices to those two breeds also. I found a reputable breeder who had both kinds, and she asked me about our lifestyle and what we were looking for in a dog. She told me pugs were the dog for us. Pugs do shed a ton, and they do need wrinkle care, but they are also very family oriented, people pleasing, and attention hogging dogs. We adore our pugs- we like having dogs that are completely devoted to us and up our rears 24/7. They play and will do anything to get a laugh. We have children and had another dog at the time, and the pugs assimilated right in. I litter trained , and they are very low maintenence, but it took a lot of training on my part. I worked with them a lot to train them to not chew on the furniture,etc. I am very happy with my choice-do the research to find which dogs personality fits in with you or your family. And I agree with Blue_Hour_Girl, Pugvillage is a fabulous resource.
  9. I absolutely love pugs so I´m biased. If you do decide to get a pug, please consider the abandoned pugs at pug-shelters:flowers:
  10. Pug pug pug!

    For some reason, I've never been attracted to Shih Tzus... I think it's because when I was younger our neighbour had one and he wasn't very friendly, so I guess it just "turned me off" the breed. Pugs, on the contrary, are soooooooo funny and such people pleasers!! They might just win everyone's heart :nuts:
  11. Oh ****-zu!! They are so beautiful! But Pugs are awfully cute too.
  12. Pugs are HARD work!! I have one and she is my baby and would not be wothout her!
    I think if you have a shh tzu already you should stick to the breed you know.
    Pugs are little dogs but do not act like it! They think they are much bigger than they are and have a HUGE attitude! They are very clever and I sware they have human brains in their little heads.

    Pugs play differently to different dogs, and from what I see with Minnie,they are very loyal and prefer to stick with their family.

    Our next door neighbour has a shih tzu and imo between the two you could not get 2 different dogs if you tried. (on character/attitude etc).

    If it was me i would 100% stick with pugs as I know them etc, but If you are up for a pug challenge then I cant wait to see pics!!
    But please please please make sure you go to a reputable Puggie breeder, they have many health problems, eyes/breathing/knee caps etc when the breeding is poor xx
  13. Although Pugs love to be taken care of, they also like to pay attention to their owners. They have loving and affectionate personalities, which means they're perfect companions for anyone who likes to get affection from his or her pooch. They're ideal lap warmers and very loyal to their families.
    Putting a big dog into a little body

    Pugs have a big idea about themselves and think that they're the prime movers and shakers in their households. They probably are because most owners end up catering to their Pug's needs. A Pug is determined to get what she wants, but only if she doesn't have to go too far from the couch.
    Getting a heavenly house dog

    Pugs are easy to get along with and don't require that much space to keep. As long as they have their toys, a comfortable bed to sleep on (yours), and enough food to keep them satisfied, Pugs are great to live with. They also like having you around and are happiest when you're nearby. No matter what you're doing, they're usually quite happy to be doing the exact same thing.
    Satisfying a Curious George Pug

    Leave an interesting object out where Puggy can see it, and soon it's gone. Pugs like to investigate things and get up close and very personal with your belongings. Although their sense of smell isn't as well developed as other breeds, a Pug still likes to test it out. In fact, she wants to sniff things until they're very wet and soggy. For example, if you leave a check sitting on the coffee table, in no time at all, it's separated into tiny wads of paper.
    [​IMG]However, you need to be careful because this curiosity can kill a Pug. To prevent your Pug from injuring herself (or worse), don't leave poisonous substances or sharp objects around that your Pug may be tempted to investigate. If an object looks interesting or has any kind of a food aroma, it's probably going to be Pug history.

    Clowning around: Pugs just wanna have fun

    Pugs are clowns, and if you laugh even once at something they do, they gladly keep repeating the act to get you to laugh again and again. Fun is their middle name, and it's hard for a Pug to walk into a room without sizing up what she can get away with.
    If you have two Pugs at home, count on them to make a toy out of anything. They love to play and find things to tug at and chew up.
    Having a busy calendar: Pugs like stimulation

    [​IMG]As much as a Pug likes to be a lap dog, she also enjoys seeing and doing new things and discovering new adventures. As with any dog who's always confined to the house, Pugs can easily get bored. Finding activities you can both enjoy keeps your Pug happy about life and less motivated to want to eat. Provide new and interesting toys for your Pug to maintain her interest around the house. Taking her along on safe outings can also please her.

    Finding another jogging partner: Pugs and intense exercise don't mix

    If you're a jogger, don't even think that your Pug wants to accompany you on long-distance runs. Although her spirit may be in the activity, her body isn't, and she stops running or walking when she feels like it. Never walk a Pug farther than you're willing to carry her. Sometimes she may just sit down on an outing and refuse to go anywhere.
    [​IMG]When planning to do some outdoor exercise with your Pug, check the temperature first. Pugs aren't hot weather, outdoorsy types and definitely need to stay cool during workouts.

    Now, some Pugs do like to swim and hike, and they're perfectly able to do so if they're properly conditioned. Swimming Pugs aren't that common, but they've been known to actually like the water. If a Pug learns to like the water, swimming is a great activity for her — especially because you don't have to worry about her getting too hot. A pool is always cool!
    Getting out to socialize: Pugs love people

    Pugs are really people dogs. They crave a lot of human companionship and affection and want to be around you all the time. Expect a Pug to follow you from room to room and to want to go out for a car ride with you whenever you leave home.
    [​IMG]Pugs are also naturally attracted to children — maybe because they're nearly the same size! When children understand dogs and respect them, they can make great companions for each other. Be sure to always supervise children when they're playing with your Pug and don't leave them alone unattended.

    Paying attention: Pugs like to be noticed

    If a Pug thinks that you're neglecting her, you can count on her to come up with something creative to get your attention.
    Leave it to a Pug to do anything to get you to look at her. She can wind up in the oddest places just to see your reaction. Although Pugs don't leap buildings in a single bound, they do like to do some jumping, and if they can figure out how to slowly creep up to the couch or a favorite chair, they're going to do it.
    Accepting the big snore: Pugs and snoring go together

    Pugs are no different than any other breed with a short muzzle — make that a very short muzzle — and pushed-in nose. They make a variety of noises while they nap or sleep. Find a comfy pillow at home, and you most likely see a Pug off in dreamland and letting the world know all about it. She makes just about every nasal sound you can think of, from a low snort to some good solid pump-up-the-volume breathing.
    If you're a Pug lover, you probably get so used to their sounds that you don't even hear this snooze alarm. Other people, however, may not think of it as music to their ears, so it's a good thing they can always get earplugs. But as long as Puggy's breathing is regular, the snore is a perfectly healthy sound.
  14. You aren't the only one. I rescued a ****zu. Maybe that is why is was ill tempered because I didn't know the background of it. I ended up giving it to my ex's mom. She still has the dog and loves it to death. Anyone else that goes near it, it wants to rip your fingers off. I have never found the appeal of a shih tzu. There are two in my building and they are not well behaved either. I find the females very butchy not cute. No offense to anyone who owns one. On the other hand, I think pugs have great personalities. I have never owned one though. I tend to like short haired dogs for the most part.
  15. wow, thanks everyone! for the input. I still haven't made up my mind, but will try to do it shortly. I don't know how my little tiny is going to handle having another doggie around. He is soo jelous.