shih tzu needs ur help

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  1. Hey my little baby shih tzu was bitten by ants today he has a lot of bites and is looking a little sad and down I think he might have fever, he has a lot of red with white spots I would say more then 20 bites what can I do to help my fur baby? The vet is not open on sundays and tomorrow is a holiday here in Puerto Rico so the vet wont open till Tusday, I somthing I can do for him here at home.

    Thanks for your time and help.:smile:
  2. #2 Jan 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2009
    Is there an emergency vet you can call? I know dogs can have Benedryl but I don't know the dosage. Poor baby. I would get him to an emergency vet if there is one around. I just did some searching, you can also use Calamine lotion to treat bites on dogs. If he is itching maybe that would help. They also say to use ice to reduce swelling.