SHIH Kiera tote at Revolve $264!

  1. Great bag, great price at Revolve,,plus 30% off for first time buyers. The leather is TDF, I have this bag and it looks brown but is actually a winey burgundy color...highly recommend it...hope someone here gets it!

    [​IMG]Shih by Stephanie Lin Keira Tote in Burgundy Retail: $528.00Price: $264.00
  2. Wow, it's back! I guess someone must have returned it.
  3. It's out of stock now, where else can I find this one with such a great price? Really like it
  4. it's gone!
  5. Well I don't know, you can check eBay maybe...but you also might try They have the bag in some colors on sale for $370. Go to collections, Kiera, then sale. It's not as good a price, but it IS a fabulous bag with soft delicious smelling leather and you'd love it..good luck in your search.
  6. yah...I've done a search be4, found this website as well; the sad thing's not the price's more expansive, it's just that I couldn't find the same colour any more, even in other websites selling the same bag

  7. Save a search on eBay. I have one for her and the search string is quite active. Almost daily. Of course, you have to wade through a lot of ugly dog totes, but it might be worth the effort. :lol: