SHIH handbags 50% +30% more off! My lucky day!

  1. Ok, I swore I was not buying any more bags, but Revolve clothing has a bunch of bags half off, and I saw SHIH and just had to have them. I got the grey and burgundy totes for half off plus called Revolve and they gave me first buyer additional 30% for both totes $369!
    Anyone have SHIH, I love the look and have heard nothing but good about the leather...any opinions?
  2. I posted about that bag yesterday. I was asking people's opinions on whether that color is burgundy. It looks brown to me, and I just couldn't justify another brown bag :smile: Cograts on your new totes!
  3. I will post when it arrives as to the true color..
  4. I don't own SHIH, but I have seen a couple IRL, and I can honestly say that you will love the feel of their leather. Extremely well-made bags.