SHIH fans? Just got my first SHIH bags..

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  1. What fantastic bags, any other fans out there? Soft yummy rich smelling leather, beautiful gold stud detailing, and suede lining.
  2. picture picture!!
  3. Very substantial leather and great stitching.........we need to see the picture of your bag!!
  4. Here they are. I picked up the burgundy and grey. The burgundy is not a deep color, it's more of a burgundy/congnac/wine mix, a light burgundy if you will. The website pic showed it as brown but it is not. The other is grey, not a deep grey but I really like it. The bags are just fantastic soft buttery leather and the lining inside is suede. Just as good quality as Botkier, frankly...
    I'm not the greatest photographer...sorry bout that..
  5. They look great!
  6. Pretty!
  7. nice!
  8. Love it! Yes, I'm a BIG fan of SHIH bags myself.
  9. I don't know anything about the bags other than to see them on a couple of websites. The leather looks really soft. I especially like the gray bag. Congrats and wear them in good health.
  10. DiamondGirl, I can always count on you to introduce me to bags I've never heard of. Congrats. Very cool bags.
  11. Hiya Jade; how ya been? I am always looking for something different..found these at the Revolve sale last week and got them CHEAP so had to go for it.. I can't say enough good about the quality and finish. I walk by my counter and pet the leather every single time. Yes, I'm sick and I know it!
  12. I saw Shih bag at Nordstrom Rack today but resisted buying it. The leather is extremly soft and incredibly nice but I'm afraid it may be very difficult to care for, like suede or nubuc.
  13. I really like the grey one especially!
  14. Another new name to me but that grey is a lovely soft colour and would be such an adaptable neutral. Thanks for sharing!