SHIH do you know this brand?

  1. Hey guys I went shopping the other day and i came across a brand called SHIH..Iv never heard of it but their designs seem really pretty...very gustto and botkier like and the leather is like the buttery soft one...has anyone heard of this brand before and is it any good?
  2. I have a SHIH bag and the leather is incredibly soft and beautiful!
  3. I have seen them before at a Jacqueline Jarrot boutique, and Nordstrom carried the brand at one time, very nice bags.
  4. wow greenpixie thanks for the thread!
  5. Sure :tup:
  6. I have the Keira tote in a buttery color. It's really soft and the magenta satin lining is really pretty. It's a great bag!
  7. Nordstrom had a Shih bag during one of their recent anniversary sales. Really nice leather, the buttons reminded me of Cynthia Rowley.