SHIH Bags lined in suede; Are they heavy bags? Quality?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am interested in a SHIH bag, but I have never seen one IRL. All the threads here have very positive things to say, and I love the unique styling.
    I see that they are lined in suede. Does this make the bag heavy (even when it is empty)?
    Also, how about the quality over time? Do they hold up well?
    Any advise from SHIH owners would be great.
    Thanks so much!
  2. Hell-ooooo! Any SHIH lovers in the house?
  3. I don't own one, but I tried the Keira tote in a store one time, and the weight was ok.
  4. They are really nice bags-I have the Kiera tote in Grey and I love the hardware too. Great quality bags!
  5. I saw a couple at Loehmann's a few weeks ago when I was "window shopping" lol. They seemed to be nice quality and not too heavy, esp. considering they are suede-lined. They leather was nice and soft so it was comfy on the shoulder. HTH!
  6. I also purchased two at Loehmanns; the Keira tote and the Keira North South tote, and both are on the heavy side, not because of the suede, but because of the hardware she uses. But the leather is TDF!! You will want to touch the leather every day since it's a very high quality buttery leather, and as the previous poster noted, it lays on the shoulder so nicely! Great quality!:tup: