Shiba Inu

  1. Does anyone have one? i thought i saw one in someone's avatar... i haven't really been around any, just seen several at dog shows. what are they like? my boyfriend wants another dog, we have a whippet and husky right now. personally, i want a doberman but he's interested in shibas because to quote him "they look like little foxes".
  2. My friend used to have one and she had to give her away because she was not friendly with her old dog. I heard they get along with another shibas but not different breed.
    Anyone can verify that?
  3. Shiba is the "house sized" bred down 3rd in line version of the Japanese Akita (I've had two of those-best dogs ever). They are nice dogs but very high strung, can be easily bored=destructive, are good with other dogs if raised with them but I would personally find a rescue close to you. With a rescue, they can place a dog according to what you need. They will know if it gets along with other dogs, cats, kids, etc. I'd also advise that if you do not have children but intend to, wait to get one until after you have a child around. They get very jealous if a child is introduced after they are "head of the house". They are very smart, strong willed and need tons of time and attention. The rescue here has so many that they turn them away because they are very cute little puppies who without lots of training and discipline grow into little monsters. On the bright side, I do know people who have them in the "ideal" situations and they are absolutely great pets!!! Read up on the breed, get the history and as much info as you can and by all means, if you have a rescue near you, visit and see what they are about before you make a decision.
  4. u got me interested in the breed myself even though i am not planning to get one !:yes:

    The Japanese have three words to describe the Shiba temperament. The first is "kan-i" which is bravery and boldness combined with composure and mental strength. The opposite side of "kan-i" is "ryosei" which means good nature with a gentle disposition. One cannot exist without the other. The charming side of the Shiba is "sobuku" which is artlessness with a refined and open spirit. They combine to make a personality that Shiba owners can only describe as "irresistible."
    If a Shiba could only utter one word, it would probably be "mine." It is "mine" food, "mine" water, "mine" toys, "mine" sofa, "mine" crate, "mine" car, "mine" owner, and "mine" world. Sharing is a concept he feels others should practice. Some Shibas may carry "mine" a bit too far and become aggressive in their resource guarding, particularly in the presence of other dogs. It is wise to remove favored toys and food-based treats in the presence of other dogs and small children so the dog doesn't become overly possessive.

    The adult Shiba is far from a toy. "Macho stud muffin" has been used to describe the male Shiba. The body may look "muffin," but the mind is all "macho stud." The Shiba takes the "spirited boldness part of his temperament quite seriously. Early socialization and neutering are mandatory for the young puppy. Dog aggression, especially in the un-neutered male, is a breed characteristic. This fiery aspect of the Shiba nature cannot be taken lightly.Most Shiba owners learn to deal with the difficult aspects of the dog's temperament to enjoy the delightful ones. With "sobuku" the Shiba sets his hook into the heart. This is "artlessness" with squinty eyes, airplaned ears, and a vibrating tail. It is "charm" standing in your lap, washing your ears, and "dignity" plus "refinement" born of the knowledge of superiority. "

    MACHO STUD MUFFIN ? :roflmfao:
  5. Natalia: Thanks for all the great information. :yes:
  6. My fiancee's parents have one....they got her from a pet store :sad:

    She is a sweet little dog. They keep her penned up in a kennel most of the time, so she is a bit neurotic, poor thing.

    Whenever I go over to SO's Parent's house, I make sure to give her lots of attention.
  7. I have 2! I totally agree on getting as much information before deciding on this breed. They have unique personalities and don't conform to typical dog behavior.

    They can be escape artists, ours don't dig or climb but they do try to squeeze themselves under the fence. We can't take ours off-leash, their hunting instinct will take over if any little creature/bird were to come by. So we made the side of our yard into a huge run and they can play freely (and be safe) there.

    Here is a link that is pretty good at showing real life with a Shiba.
  8. Shiba Inus are actually one of the oldest breeds of dogs. If I am not mistaken, Akitas (Akita Inus) are bred from the Shiba. They're lovely dog, but like everyone has already mentioned, are not your typical "cute therefore sweet" dogs. However, in my experience they have sooo much character and personality, so they are definitely on my A-list :smile:
  9. ^^
    I don't think Akita-ken are bread from Shiba-inu... They are totally different in size... Akitas are considered a Japanese large breed and Shiba-inus to be a Japanese small breed. Shiba-inu were bred to hunt in old history. They are often very loyal to their owners, but aloof to strangers. Definitely need to do early socialization like someone in the earlier post mentioned. The shiba-inu that we encounter in vet hospitals are often treated with respect, i.e. they are not the friendliest to strangers, especially those who are trying to do 'stuff' to them.
  10. i think they're all ancient japanese breeds bred from similar dogs, which is why they look the same.
  11. I have 2 Male SHIBAS.....THEY are the best dogs ever!
    Feel free to Pm me for info
  12. PS-Shibas ARE from the Akita family.....
    Mine are both VERY different is way more timid.My one year old is a psycho..LOL..but incredibly smart.I would never get two male Shibas again as they were hard to interact with at first.
    I would ONLY get Shibas ....They are the perfect dog..BUT the first year is crucial to train them.Once they have been trained ..U couldnt ask for a sweeter more amazing dog.My 12 yr old Shiba is like a son to me..I would die of anythinmg ever happened to him.He is super shy and super cuddly.
    Ripley...My one yr old SHiba is CRAZY..LOL....
  13. haha so true! I spent sooo much time socializing them. My vet doesn't like Shibas either because most owners don't understand how much work Shibas are and don't train them properly. As someone said, they become monsters. Mine are such good dogs, but the first year was a lot of work.
  14. Wow, that is so interesting! It makes sense that Shibas are from Akitas...long time ago, right? I guess, I kinda took it as they continued to breed Shibas from Akitas, and hence my doubt... Or do they still?
  15. Ahhh it seems that I have been grossly misinformed by my dog encyclopedia :sad: All this time it had me believe that the Akita was bred from Shiba + a larger breed :p

    Anyway, beautiful beautiful dogs. If you have the time and patience, I say you go for it :smile: